I have read that using salt will help kill fleas in the carpet. Does it have to be iodized salt? Does it matter? Does it really work?

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  1. debijs

    We used popcorn salt and it worked great! Restaurant supplies like Smart N Final carry it in large boxes and it’s cheap. It’s finer so it gets way into the carpet. Sprinkle all carpet and it helps to take a stiff bristle broom and really pack in in there deep, or have everyone stomp on it with shoes. Then let it sit a week. It’s so fine you wont even feel it. Then vacuum.Treat again in two weeks in cases any eggs hatch. It works awesome. I don’t think iodozed or not would matter, but the finer the salt the better and easier it works.

  2. askmewha…

    I don’t know if it has to iodized, I used table salt(iodized) & it seemed to work. Apparently they eat it & dehydrate. ? I sprinkled it heavily all over the carpets & let it sit for a couple days before I vacuumed it up. It didn’t get rid of all of them, but it made a big dent & it was cheap.

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