i have a male dog who’s around 10 years old, he’s quite well behaved but has one habit that i just cant get rid of. if he see another dog wile out walking he will run to them and will not come back when called. all the training we have done has been rewarded by a treat but he wont eat outside so that wont work. any tips? i will not hit my dog so please don’t suggest that i do.


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    Try and walk your dog on an extending lead and call him back and when he does praise him and make a big fuss.Most dogs love that, some dogs don’t care much about treats.
    But please do not hit your dog,even if someone suggests that.
    All the best.

  2. Jazzie

    I would recommend keeping him on a lead of some sort. He can’t get away from you and you can enforce him to come back to you when told by “reeling him in”… so to speak. It’s not cruel, it’s enforcing your command, politely and firmly, like any good Mom (human or canine).

  3. Jay guy

    Yea that’s normal but sometimes if you smack them on butt they will stop and after while not do it anymore they can learn overtime be more firm and informative.

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