My cat have got or scratched a wound on her back, that I suppose is caused by having fleas. This cat is outdoor must of the days and nights. If I – against her will – wash her, she will soon catch new fleas next night. Do you know any ‘trick’ that I can use to keep her free of fleas ???


  1. hunter2

    The products to buy are called:
    all of these are a liquid that you apply to the upper back of the cat at the skin, no just on top of the fur. Message a bit and within a few hours all fleas and ticks are dead. No more will get on and stay on your cat.
    Bio-spot is the least expensive and can be purchased at local pet stores.
    Good luck

  2. Pamela V

    Take her to the Vet. It may be against her will to have a bath but then again it was against my son’s wills to have baths but guess who won out? Not my son’s I can tell you that! The Vets can do a flea dip for her. My Vet uses Revolution.This is a gel that is squeezes at the back of their neck. It always kept my cat Gracie free from fleas. My sons dog would pick up the fleas while out on their walks. After my son and his dog moved Gracie never had another flea.After your kitty is free from fleas use a flea collar but not at the same time you use the Revolution as this would be to much medication. Her Vet will tell you she needs her shots the same as a dog does,Please get her shots. Have you had her spayed? If not do that as well. You can have that sweet little kitty for 20 years if well taken care of and that means NO! to outside.

  3. mevlana

    Keep her indoors for one. …it is safer for her…
    Second thing is Revolution …you put the liquid on the back of her neck, but not on the wounded area. It kills fleas and other things such as heartworms for awhile..I forget how long exactly.You get it at the vets.


    You need to buy front line for your cat and if you start giving your cat a little garlic in her food the fleas will stay away

  5. A Dane's Sweetheart

    I use Advantage on my cats. They are indoor cats, but I also use Advantage on my dog and it keeps her free of fleas and ticks for at least 3 months at a time. You can get it from any vet and it works wonders within 24 hours. Just make sure they don’t get wet within that time.

  6. Thomas Hoefter

    The first thing to do would be to keep in cat inside, where it will be safe.
    Then get a fine tooth comb, a glass of warm soapy water ( dawn dishwashing liquid works great for this ) and a few paper towels.
    Comb the cat with the fine tooth comb to get the fleas off of her…dipping the comb in the soapy water after each comb through of the cat…that will help to kill the fleas on the comb or at least slow them down…wipe the comb with the paper towel and repeat until you have combed the cats whole body.
    This may not get all the fleas off but it will get the majority.
    Then get a product called “Frontline” from your Vet…or you can also order it online…put the gel between her shoulder blades.
    You can use the “Frontline” every 30 days if needed.
    NEVER buy OTC flea drops and NEVER put a flea collar on a cat…but can be toxic to cats and there have been several cases where the cat has actually died from OTC flea remedies…and that includes flea collars.
    But please, keep the cat inside…fleas can lead to tape worms.

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