Despite all of the stereotypes, kitties are not completely self-sufficient creatures. They still need their human families to feed and water them, and to shelter them. And, despite all of their protests against it, kitties need their humans to love them just like any other animal. Adopting a cat can be a very good feeling, as well as a major challenge at times. We want our family life to be calm and warm, not frantic and frustrating, so we need all of the members, including the small furry ones, to be at their best behavior. Training your cat can ensure that you have a gentle, loving pet that does not eat your furniture and pee in your houseplants. Training your cat does not only protect it from potential threats, but keeps your belongings safe from destruction as well.



Cats claw, scratch, bite and chew for many reasons. If they are doing these things to food items or their cat toys, that is great, but many times they will find something else. Cats that chew on the new carpet or the electrical cords are not only destroying your possessions, they are also endangering their own lives. Kittens will chew on things for the same reasons that puppies and human babies do- they are discovering their world, as well as teething. Give them substitutes and reward them for chewing on the right items. If an older cat has suddenly developed a urge to gnaw on things other than food or usual toys, then consider whether he is bored, or if it is possible that he has a nutritional inbalance.


Poorly trained kitties will often start using the entire house as their personal litter box. If you have ever walked in the house when the litter box needs to be changed, you know how disgusting that can truly be. If your cat is using items like your bed or favorite chair to potty on, he might be sending you a message. Does he dislike the new litter you bought? Did you move his litter box? Or, have you started spending too much time with that guy in 2A that stomps his feet at kitty when you are not in the room? Although most cats will train well to the box and never have issues, some are more stubborn and this behavior can often be the deal breaker for many families.





 A well-trained cat will charm and amuse your guests when they come to your home. He will make your days seem warmer and brighter. Because he knows what is expected of him, he will not have as much stress, leading to a calmer more easily controlled cat. Calmer cats are more affectionate because they are not nervous or high-strung. Training your cat allows him to focus on good behaviors and the things that make a cat’s life a good one; napping, eating and stalking dust motes in the sunny patch by the window.

As a cat owner myself, I have learned the benefits of training my cats because it just makes my life much easier. My cats are well-behaved and are very passionaite these traits are wonderful and I hold them dear to my heart. I found a website that has more information on training your cat take advantages of all the information the site has to offer. Click Here






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