I might be hired at petsmart as a bather soon. Am I likely to infest my own cat with fleas if the pets I bathe have them? I’m a little worried.


  1. Manita

    As long as you have them on their monthly flea prevention then you have nothing to worry about. Frontline works great. I us to be a Vet Assistant

  2. Proud mommy <3

    I used to work there too! It was a lot of fun. Yes you are likely to bring home fleas. Fleas Travel by jumping on your clothing. You could always just wear a different outfit home. If you keep your cat treated with frontline than you really wont have to worry about it. I know the bathers there when I worked there didn’t complain about that though. So you may be ok. I would take the job because its a lot of fun and just change when you leave. You will be wearing an apron thing too. Then keep your cat treated. If it becomes a huge problem (which I really don’t see it) than just quit. Good luck have fun!

  3. wholesale swarovski crystals

    I think it is quite likely. Fleas are little jerks. I’m trying to think of a way that you can avoid it…maybe if you have “work clothes” that you only wear at work, and bring to the laundromat to clean…but then there’s still your shoes and your hair.
    Ugh, I hate fleas. I guess it would be a good idea to look into frontline or a similar medicine. You should ask your vet before you start work. And you can talk to your coworkers about how they handle this problem.
    Good luck!

  4. taniaess

    I learned on somewhere that fleas can destroy a humans immune system. I’m glad that there’s flea medicine now… Some of us are going through a slow and torturing death. 🙁

  5. Jason M

    Most definitely, did u know fleas can hatch eggs on you then u can carry them back, and that they can live up to three years in your carpet before hatching

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