Well i need to train my dog and i want a really good dog trainer. THE TRAINER DOESNT HAVE TO BE IN THE KING OF PRUSSIA AREA NECESSARILY, BUt at least close to that place. i dont want it to far. maybe somecompanies would be helpful that are nationwide. please answer. thanks!


  1. Amy

    You need a full and proven training program. You CAN train your dog by yourself!
    “SitStayFetch” is one of the most popular dog training products on the market written by Daniel Stevens, an experienced dog trainer, for every dog owners who know that the experience of training their dog has or will continue to establish a better relationship with their four legs friend.
    First when I read SitStayFetch ebook, I was surprised at lots of information has been covered. The 186 page book is broken down into different sections step-by-step, each one dealing with a different aspect of dog ownership. SitStayFetch starts from a basic that dog owner should know. For instance, things to consider before adopting a dog, choosing the right breed, dealing with breeders, the secrets of dog training; and then moves on at common dog problems including biting and nipping, aggression, jealousy, digging holes, disobedience, separation anxiety, fights with other dogs, destructive behavior and even understanding how your dog thinks.
    The core of SitStayFetch system is the communication between dog and owner. Daniel Stevens understands that most of common dog problems are from the lack of communication. Your dog simply doesn’t understand what you want. SitStayFetch demonstrates how dogs communicate, what are they thinking, how you can communicate with them effectively.
    This simple technique helps in improving the relationship between you and your dog. And it also doesn’t just focus on one or two aspects of dog ownership. SitStayFetch deals with all common problem behaviors, step-by-step approach tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.
    SitStayFetch works because of the tips and advice come directly from the author’s real-life experience. You also can sign up for free 6 days mini course which covers selected training methods and behavior fixing methods that are used in SitStayFetch ebook.
    So if you want to have a good relationship with your dog and get rid of dog problems, I think SitStayFetch will definitely help you reach your goals.
    Check my source, hope it helps. Good luck!

  2. dogsbest

    Go to the APDT website to find a trainer. There are also listings for the CPDT trainers too. This is the best way to go when finding a good trainer. I belong to the APDT, and studying for the test for the certification of the CPDT. It’s like a 4 hour test.

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  4. Michi C

    You could train the dog yourself! That’s what I did with my chihuahua. Taught it how to stop biting, nipping, and how to train your dog to learn my commands, etc. That’s the whole idea of having a pet, being with it and learning things together.

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