We’re trying to control the flea issue with the pets, but in the mean time my feet are getting chewed off by fleas. 🙁 Any ideas? Oils? Creams? Home remedies?


  1. Sappho

    In general, fleas will not stay on a human. Sometimes they will jump on for a moment, then jump back off – now and then they will bite during this brief period. I’m afraid I don’t know of any substance which will keep them off completely, aside from flea powder. Flea bombing a room will get them out for a little while, but they always hide under some piece of furniture or something, or once the room is cleared they simply move back in from other rooms or from the animals. I recently had a battle with fleas myself, and they can be a terror to get rid of. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Kate V

    As said before, fleas don’t really like human blood, they prefer dog and cat blood. So #1 treat your pets with a veterinarian approved flea product (I say this because over the counter stuff can cause a lot of health problems-seizures, shaking, vomiting, diarrhea, etc). Then clean clean clean, vaccum vaccum vaccum. As you vaccum and clean, the vibration hatches the flea eggs in your carpet and furniture. With the flea prevention, it will either kill adults so the can’t reproduce or will make them sterile (depending on the flea product). It won’t be overnight, but it works.

  3. ?

    No. The best way is to deal with the pets first. Treat the pets, and your home. Carpets, Bedding, everything has to be treated. If they are really bad, you can set off a bomb to kill the fleas in your house. Fleas can get really bad, really fast. So it’s best to keep on the pets with frontline or advantix. You can also treat your yard, so your pets won’t pick them up outside. Also be sure to vacuum really, really well. Good Luck.

  4. mornnglr

    When we were having flea trouble I used “Off” fly repellant on my legs every morning. I don’t know if it really worked to repel the fleas, but I didn’t seem to get bit as often.

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