My best grooming tip is using Cowboy Magic Instant Detangler and Shine. Just a little dab rubbed in your hands and then on to the coat makes tangles fall out with ease. I keep all my Yorkies in long coats, but doubt it would be possible without the use of this product. It is the only detangling product I have ever used that really works and doesn’t make them oily to attract dirt faster. With continued use the dogs hair tangles less in the first place. They have a store locator on their website or you can order it online.…


  1. Crystal

    I recently got a de-furminator and its a great grooming tool, the small one would be useful for your yorky. I got mine online on the shopping channel website. As for training your dog you need to be in control and use firm but rewarding body language. I needed help with this so I went online searching for some help. I found a great site that helped me develop the skills I needed to train my dog right in the comfort of my own home. It did wonders for me, here is the site addy

  2. Mary-Ann

    Well training a yorkie is difficult because they are very stubborn but smart. If your trying to potty train then don’t bother doing the inside thing because you will always get an accident. They might be small but they love to be outside. Just buy them a coat for the winter because they are very small. What u do is scold them if the pee or poo inside and even though its gross grab a bag pick the poo up and put it out side and tell him here yes. If he pees then um just scold him but do NOT HURT IM NOT EVEN A TAP ON THE NOSE. To groom them without them squirm you have to give them treats when the stay still and yell NO when they squirm. Sorry if u want traning as in sit i can’t help you just make sure you always praise them when they do the right thing.

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