He is about 10 months, and I live in an apartment. I’ve trained him to not go inside, and he doesn’t but we do not have time to take him out every 3-4 hours. At the moment we take him out twice a day, once in the morning and once every evening, but I feel terrible that perhaps he feels like going, and holds it in all day. That would be very painful for humans, and I feel bad for the little guy.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


  1. KimbeeJ

    Dogs don’t usually need to go every 3-4 hours, but twice a day isn’t enough. What do you mean you don’t have time? Take him out in the morning first thing, then again before you go to work or school. Out again when you get home, then at least once or twice more before bedtime. Getting a dog walker to come over in the middle of the day is ideal if you can afford to do so. If you don’t have time to take the dog out–you don’t have time for a dog.

  2. Pomi Momi♥

    Basically you said it – it would be very painful. Puppies have immature bladders and can not hold it for very long 3-4hrs at the most.
    You really need to take your dog out at least every 4hrs if not more. If you don’t get him in the habit of going out you could be setting yourself up for major problems down the road…

  3. Launi *Built Ford Tough*

    Your dog is amazing. He holds his pee painfully for hours. My dogs go in and out the doggie door to pee so many times a day I can’t count. Twice a day is not healthy. Try and find some way you can let this awesome dog go outside to potty more often.
    And you should feel bad for him so do something about it.

  4. matt_cru

    In that case id put down paper for him just incase so he has a way to go without it being a mess, and if when he does use it praise him for it,
    don’t raise your voice like your mad or hit him since your making it difficult for him to do what he was taught, sounds like you got a good dog there.

  5. marksman

    You need to take him out more then 2 times a day…Do you go to the bathroom 2 times a day? No you don’t! you should take him out at the minimum of 4 times a day.

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