my dog use to be able to walk on a leash but ever since i’ve been bringing him to the park and letting him walk around freely, he seems to be trying to drag me now when he’s on the leash and he chokes a lot. i want to be able to walk him on a short leash so he would be able to walk through busy areas. any tips?


  1. Nina m

    Start by walking with treats, If your dog knows you have treats and he will get them for staying near you he will walk with you. Gradually give less and less treats.
    Also don’t let him pull u
    stop, plant your feet. when your ready walk again even if it is just two steps
    your dogwill learn fast that it cant get anywhere unless it does so nicely.

  2. Aaron T

    take your dog on more walks after it plays at the park…when the dog is already tired, it will be more submissive and get back into the groove of walking properly

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