I just got a puppy…he’s not house broken…so I have the fun of training…any tips?


  1. Tink

    I potty trained both of my dogs by leashing them to me while I was home with them. That way I could keep an eye on when they were about to go. The key is to catch them before or in the act and praise or relocate them to the outside accordingly.

  2. Risa L.

    Here a few tips that helped me when I was training our golden-
    bring him outside every hour to use the bathroom
    every time he eats or drinks bring him outside after 15 minutes
    when your pup does go to the bathroom on your floor-tell him NO and bring him outside and tell him GO POTTY
    Also keep him in his kennel or whatever you keep him in for at least 5 hours out of the day- or when you cant keep an eye on him.

  3. Horse Saddles

    Buy the diaper squares (Dog Diapers have a scent) to put down in the kitchen. Training tip 101 you have to walk a puppy 6 times a day sometimes more, the diapers are just in case for an accident.
    If the pup poops off the diaper, you put the pup and poop on the diaper, good boy/girl. As the pup gets closer to the diaper, you pull the diaper each day closer to the door you take the pup out for walks. It takes a while, but, it works.
    Before you know it, pup will be on the diaper to poop, if not by the door to poop. Always say good boy/girl, and it helps with a little pup treat. 🙂

  4. Whiteout Alaskan Malamutes

    Puppies have SMALL bladders and cannot hold the urin for long. Take the dog out very 20 – 30 minutes and don’t let it in the house before it peed or pooed. To get your puppy house trained will take ofen 2 or more months. If the pup does a wee tell it “nice dog nice wee wee”, same with poo and give it a tiny treat. In the long run it will associate pee with weeing and poo with …
    Pups has to go out for a p+p (pee and poo) after waking up from a sleep (every time), playtime, before and after feeding (very important), before going to bed ect.
    Further more cate the puppy at night. Buy a propper dog crate this is not punishment. A dog crate symbolizes a safe haven for a pup, with its toys and blankets ect. it will pee and propably poo in there at night in the beginning but pups are like little human babies they are not potty/house trained in a short time.
    last but not least: BIG Hint. Buy a good book about rainsing and training a pup. You have to have at least basic knowledge about raising a dog and training it to become a well socialised member of the public.

  5. Leslie

    Start by watching his actions.Take him out every hour to walk .When you are not going to be home try the Puppy Training Pads they sell at Pet Smart, WalMart etc.I personally placed the training pad in one of the flatter kitty litter boxes.Talk to him by telling him NO NO.Never yell just talk in a firmer voice.When he does go out and does his thing praise him.Good Boy etc.The best way to get them on a schedule with things is to feed them in the morning when he is done put it away.In the evenings around 6 – 7 pm feed again and put away when done.Walk him within 30 minutes after feeding.Some people don’t realize that a dog likes to walk a little while before they have to do their business to find their perfect spot and to stimulate them.

  6. jess ? nick

    yes. feed him and keep him locked in a cage. then about 30 minutes after he is eating take him outside immediatley…dont stop until outside so he cant go in your house. then after he has done his business bring him back inside and into his cage. feed him same time everyday and take him outside everyday. in about a week or two you can leave him out of the cage. they should be used to the time they go potty and eat. also they will know to go outside. you can expect a few mishaps in the beginning. if they have an accident.. go straight back to the cage routine for another few days. It may sound a little harsh but thats what i did for mine and she is now potty-trained. she stays out of her cage 24/7 and has maybe at the most 2 accidents every say 6 months or so.
    Good Luck!

  7. Julie Ann

    Don’t take the route of being nice, you don’t want to pick up poop the rest of your life. I just finished house training my dog. So they go on the floor, stick there nose in it or right next to yell and use a rolled up newspaper or magazine for a few soft hits, hitting the dog isn’t going to make it feel worse then when you are yelling, then take him/her to the door, scratch the door with there paw or get a large bell to ring with there nose, any craft store will have that, and then put them out. they will get it in a week

  8. Jannah L

    i recently bought an adorable yorkie. this may not work if you have a bigger dog. we bought these things called piddle pad. they absorb pee and you pick up the poop off of the pad. its not as nasty as it seems. what we did is when chico was first born we put piddle pads overlapping all over the area he is allowed. little by little remove piddle pads making the area he’s allowed to pee and poop on smaller and smaller. eventually get down to one piddle pad. still, until he’s older he wont learn to be perfectly potty trained so what we did with chico is we got a 4 foot by 4 foot metal close in area. that way he still gets more energy than being in a cage. there he has a piddle pad, a bed, his toys and his food. after he eats, we close him in the room until he poops then he could run around the house.

  9. wholesale swarovski crystals

    What you do is go to a pet store and by a little yellow post (its specially made with scents that dogs like to potty train a dog) u stick it in the ground and every time you want your dog to go outside and go to the bathroom, u bring him over to the yellow post and have him go there every single time. keep doing that for a month or two. i did it and it works really well!

  10. Snickerz

    well maybe if you go to petco or somewhere for animals and you can buy these little mats that they use to go to the bathroom. they are usually colored blue around the edges or green.they help.remember that you have to keep an eye on him/her and if she is about to go to the bathroom on the floor that you have to pick him/her up and put on the mat so that she/he knows that the mat is for going to the bathroom.
    🙂 Good Luck.

  11. Mr. Taco

    Feed the dog only twice a day at the same time each day. Time about when they go to the bathroom afterwards. Then try to get them outside around the appropriate time for them to go. When you do that, decide where you want them to go to the bathroom, and take them to that place. Keep trying until they do it, and then praise them and give them a treat. Keep doing this. Every time they go to the bathroom at the appropriate place, reward them. Ignore them when they make a mistake. Eventually they will learn where to go, and their scent being there already will help remind them.
    p.s. Regarding one answer here: putting their nose in it and spanking does not usually work. I have seen a lot of owners do that, and guess what happens? The dog gets scared and pees. If what you are doing to STOP them from going to the bathroom CAUSES them to do it, it is a bad idea. Professional trainers don’t do it this way. I don’t advise you do it, either. Positive reinforcement always works best with dogs.

  12. cintry10

    I have trained several pups in my time and I have found that using the paper to scold is the more positive way to start. Frequent outside visits, and feed at certain times of the day, in otherwords stay on a schedule with your new friend. Good Luck!!

  13. Lauren

    Take him out every 2 hours for the first few months. Use positive reinforcement when he makes outside.
    Take away water from the puppy 2 hours before bed & make sure you take him out for a walk before you go to bed.

  14. Joshua R

    Make sure to take the puppy out in the morning when you wake up and after the puppy eats and before it goes to bed. What is also good is taking out the puppy every hour and a half to 2 hours.

  15. njcheeta

    crate training is great. Everytime you take him out of the crate and right before you put him in, and right after eating, bring the pup outside to a designated area and when he goes, praise praise praise! Go crazy.

  16. lizarddq

    i would hit my dog when he poop in the house, but u have to catch them in the act otherwise they wont know why ur punishing them. now he waits by the door when he wants to go. that or u can watch the Dog Whisperer

  17. ALi

    when it goes pee or wat ever, rub its nose in it tell, it no in a stern voice and put it out side for a couple of minets. in that time ignore it. it may take a while and dont feel bad,

  18. IRB

    I would borrow someone elses adult dog that is house trained. Dogs are pack animals and follow the leader.

  19. Thaina M

    every time he doesn’t pee in the house give him or her a treat that’s what i did with my two dogs.

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