Older dog is an Australian Shepherd -9 years old female. Puppy is 8 month old German Shepherd male. The older dog barks and growls at him everytime he goes near her. Not sure if she is afraid of him since he is so much bigger than her. But I didnt know if any one had any training suggestions. I would love if they would both be in the same room together and be able to play outside together.


  1. Bonzie12

    I had an older GSD (9 yrs old) and introduced a 6 month old GSD/malamute pup to her. She wasn’t too happy with him at first, and did the barking, nipping, growling thing to for about a week to a week and a half. I left them work it out and before you knew it they were playing, sleeping, and loving each other. Give your older dog time to adjust, and they will determine who is alpha. I would bet it’s going to be the older dog. Give them time to work it out together.

  2. peeples1

    If you don’t think she would actually hurt the new dog I have a method that has never failed me. Put both of them in a bathroom together (no toys or food to fight over) for about an hour, repeat this 3 times a day for 2 or 3 days, after that she should be able to at least tolerate him. Also try picking up the puppy walking to the older and petting them both at the same time, show her you haven’t and wont forget about her.

  3. Nicola R

    Maybe the older dog is jealous….but she is probably trying to show dominance toward the puppy. Does the puppy look her straight in the eye? if so he may be challenging her authority. You should probably train the puppy to be more obedient and also make sure they eat separately this is very important and by allowing the older dog to eat first is showing dominance and respect toward the other dog which is something that wolves do in the wild.

  4. The Dream

    yeah u introduce them slowly. i have pit bulls. first put them in there crates and face them towards each other. that teaches them to allow each other in their personal space. then u can use leashes to introduce them in a control situation. or i put muzzles on them and just let them go. point is if they get used to each other without fighting and if u make yourself alpha they should be fine. some of my pits havent even established who is dominant because I AM in charge and thats that

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