My 8 month old mix pup has aggression towards strangers, we’ve tried clicker training, classical conditioning and many other methods so far nothing has made much of a difference.


  1. Melly Pie

    Ok well i think the best thing to do is when ever he grawls at people or gets very agressive flip him/her onto its back and hold him/her by the neck i know that sounds crew but trust me its now that is what a mother dog would do to her pups and my dogs are very well trained and we did that. just hold him/her down to let him know ur the boss and dont let him go until he has stop trying to get out of the position or when he stops grawling.
    Hope I help and hope thigns go well =)

  2. Wallflow

    lol, like your first answer said, you have to let your dog know that you’re boss. however, i have an easier method. when you take your dog for a walk – on a leash! – and he starts growling or barking, step on the leash, and pull up so that your dog’s head is forced to the ground. i don’t mean hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to get his nose in the dirt, and get his attention. your dog is aggressive either because he wants to protect you, or protect what he sees as his territory. he can’t be a big buff tough guy when he can’t get his nose out of the dirt, ya know? as soon as he stops showing aggression, let him up and reward him with a treat. if he shows aggression again, then step on the leash again. it works really well, and it’s not as weird looking as sitting on top of your dog, lol.

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