I have two cats who never go outside but I have been battling with fleas for a long time. What is the best treatment for the rugs and floor? I know vacuuming, but can anyone suggest a good product for killing the fleas and their eggs in the carpet?


  1. Connie S

    treat the cats with a vet based product – advantage, frontline, etc. do not buy them from secondary sources, because there is a chance they could be counterfit. The manufactures of the products will only stand behind them if you buy them directly from a vet.
    Do not buy OTC products. there have been a lot of adverse reactions to them, and kitties can get quite sick.
    When you vacuum up the floor, remove the bag and immediately get it out of the house. Eggs will hatch and the fleas will crawl out of the vacuum if you leave it in there.
    The new Halo vacuum says it kills flea eggs. *shrug* might be interestingn to see it in action.

  2. michelle j

    I give my cats Capstar once a week, Advantage each month, and every couple of months I treat our carpet with Bio Spot. I buy all three products from 1800PetMeds. Make sure you follow the directions carefully with Bio Spot since it can be hazardous while it is drying. I also recommend vacuuming frequently and washing bedding often too. Don’t forget the matress cover!

  3. your_sli

    Go to your vet and get some frontline, it’s the absolute best stuff out there. It is kinda pricy though, about 30 bucks for two tubes. I used the frontline and got a special flea killing powder to dust on my carpet and vacuum up. Also try to maybe shake off your shoes and pant legs before you come into your house because if the cats don’t go out then the fleas are coming in! We have this problem ALOT during the summer because we live right next to a big wooded area. Also wash anything they come into contact with in hot water, it’ll kill the fleas and eggs. Good luck with the battle! P.S. if these fail consider calling an exterminator, it might mean moving out for a few days but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  4. keevelis

    Go get both of your cats one month’s supply of advantage. Put it on them and the fleas will jump on them and die. Then you don’t need any more advantage after that month.
    Easy. Done it before.

  5. cristelle R

    cover all beds and furniture with sheets… put ALL food away
    take your cats out of the house( take them to a friends for a day or something)
    buy flea “bombs”atthe store ( sold in pesticide aisle) buy a omb FOR EACH ROOM…set bombs and leave house for a about 3 hours…this is THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF FLEAS PERMANENTLY!( and their eggs)

  6. bailey05

    frontline works. it may be on the expensive side but it is for a reason, my mom has 2 kitty’s who are outdoor and indoor cats and even after 2-3 months after taking frontline, they’re still flea free. but i’m sure there are others as well! look at petco.com or petsmart.com.

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