I’m planning on taking my 3 mo. old pit bull for training classes at petsmart, but I’d like to be sure if it’s going to work out good for him


  1. Bonsylar

    Yes, mostly because it teaches you how to train the dog effectively without driving both you and the dog nuts.
    You will be able to address any bad habits he may pick up later and you will be able to prove that your dog is trained. With things the way they are and everyone suspicious of Pitts, it’s good to be able to say he’s been to classes.
    You definately won’t be sorry. If you are, Petsmart guarantees satisfaction, so you will get your money back or more classes until you are satified, so there really is no down side.
    Good Luck

  2. whpptwmn

    Classes can be very good for your dog.
    Be aware that there are some good trainers, and some really crappy trainers. I would DEFINATELY stay away from the ‘furbaby’ classes like they have at Petsmart, especially with a breed such as yours. The trainers I have seen teaching at Petsmart really have no business teaching training classes. Go to a REAL training club!

  3. SecondSt

    I work at PetSmart, and although I’m not a trainer, I have seen both the trainers employed at my store do very good work. As others have mentioned, the classes at PetSmart are more to teach YOU how to teach your dog, than actually teach your dog on the spot.
    Like I said, the trainers at my store know what they’re doing, but that could be the luck of the draw. PetSmart does have them go through weeks of training to be a Trainer, so they will surely know the basics, but you’ll have to hope you have a class with someone who has experience as well as information. It will doubtless be a good start for your pup though. Good luck!

  4. Jeff P

    they are effective if you participate in the drills outside the class as well- its about control and a relationship more with your dog rather than just learning to sit and stay

  5. shoblya

    Why don’t you train him youself, it’s better, cheaper and the dog will really love and obey you

  6. misbehav

    It’s as good a place as any to start but you have to practice what you learned in classes at home several times a day for any training to be really effective.

  7. nora2200

    It’s really up to you how well he takes the training, as it isn’t just dog training, it’s owner training too.
    You might also want to get a book or two and read up on it, and ask your vet for recommendations on reading material and places for training.
    Good luck!

  8. blondemo

    yes those classes are wonderful..you have to stay on it at home though, dont expect a few classes to make him behave 100%…remember he is a puppy..Good Luck and have fun with him

  9. Yellow C

    Some are but some arent. My uncle took his chihuahua for months and that dumb dog is still peeing everywhere and jumping on everyone and even biting my little cousin!!!! DEvil dog

  10. .jess

    i took my border collie to classes at petsmart. he was just old enough to get into the basic obedience class and was a month or two over the limit for the puppy classes. he was so bad in his obedience class they let him slip down into the puppy classes. (yes, my dog flunked the first day of basic obedience!).. we took him to all of his puppy classes and at the very end he was voted most improved and won a frisbee! we have since gotten two other dogs and havent taken them to training. you can clearly tell the one who has been; he is a perfect gentleman. i think the petsmart classes are *great* i have nothing but good things to say about them.

  11. Izzy

    It does not depend on the dogs. It depends on you and how much time you are willing to allocate to it after class. The more you practice with him the better he will be.
    Training can be a great way to bond with your dog. Always train with consistency, patience and never EVER hit. Reward good behaviors with lots of praises and have fun!

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