I am considering using a training collar to teach my dog boundaries. I need to be able to keep her off leash, but she runs off if I let her off the leash. A fence, even an invisible fence, is out of the question as its not my house. I’ve tried teaching her boundaries for the last 5 months but it is not working well. She won’t respond to “come” unless she’s in the mood. I want to use a shock collar but I worry it may be inhumane. Are they effective and are they safe to use?


  1. tlctreec

    First off shock collars are not inhumane. Yes they are safe to use.
    They do not give a strong shock. Yes I tried it on my own arm before ever putting it on the dog.
    Properly used as a training tool they work very well for certain things. You need to read all the information that comes with the collar and learn how to use it.
    Then you need to set up visable boundries for your dog. Your dog must have some sort of visable thing to see to learn where the boundries are. Like flags.
    If your dog does not respong to the come commad or only does so at her pleasure you need to go back and do some basic obedience work with your pet. You need to have the basics down and if your dog does not come you do not have those down yet.

  2. Certified Trainer

    The only living thing that I’d use a shock collar on is a Pedophile. And it wouldn’t be around his neck; if you know what I mean.
    Behaviour modification by electric shock was banned on humans decades ago as inhumane. Why is it okay then to use it on a pet?

  3. smartblo

    it depends on the dog really.
    I personally wouldnt use them i think they are cruel but they do work and they are safe.
    good luck

  4. Crazy Video Clips

    there are many shock collars out there,
    what other training techniques have you tried, i would say shock collar is the last resort. Some are very mild on the lowest setting, and if you do get one start of with that
    here is what training techniques you can try
    1) get a 25 foot lead, let the dog run around in a fenced dog run, call your dog, if she doesn’t come, step on the long lead and bring your dog in
    2) squeaky toys, some dogs will come when you squeak a toy.
    BTW rescue member: before trying it on my dog i did try in on myself, on setting 1 i could not feel anything, i did feel a little jolt on setting 3, but i keep in on 1 when training my dog. I used the shock collar because my dog would jump on people when in the dog park. There is a warning signal on the collar and this is what i used mostly. I think i used the actual shock only a couple of times and it got her to pay attention to me but she did not look like she was in pain or scared.
    Take caution when using shock collars, some dogs are very sensitive and will totally freak out and this might cause more behavioral problems. Try to find a trainer that will show you how to use one and how to train your dog with it.
    Good luck

  5. dobiz_ru

    You bet they are inhumane – try one on yourself and see how you like it.
    You need to patiently train your dog to follow your commands – not shock it, hurt it and scare it into submission.
    Shock collars are used by people too unfeeling and lazy to train their dogs properly.
    Keep your dog safely fenced or on leash outside – take her for group obedience lessons – that’s how you train a dog, not by hurting it so that it can’t trust you anymore and is scared to death of the pain.
    Sick idea.

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