I just got a puppy and i was wondering if they sell the dog training clickers at any of the Strack and Van-Til or walmart stores around hobart Indiana i nvr have enough time to check


  1. Linda_Do

    Good Luck with your puppy and congrats on trying clicker-training — it’s a great method!!
    Walmart has a book called Click to Calm but no actual clickers.
    Why not just order a starter kit via the web?? This sites says:
    “This kit includes: The New Expanded Getting Started Clicker Training for Dogs Book (approx. 100 pages), an i-Click, a set of Click-a-Trick Cards, an open out instruction booklet teaching how to use the clicker itself, and a sample of dog treats. Sale price: 17.95″http://www.clickertraining.com/store/?it…
    I love this site — they even have some free introductory videos.http://clickertraining.tv/product.html?i…

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