I’m especially interested in learning if anyone has had real success with an electronic pest repeller for fleas. I saw a television ad for RiddexPlus, but they don’t mention anything about fleas. I also believe that mice can bring fleas into your home.


  1. magnetic

    pest control is best left to the experts,
    understand that you can do some serious harm to your family if you are using the wrong stuff, or using the right stuff correctly.
    I do pest control for the army (among 30 million other things) and the area of infestation, arthropod (flea), the population exposure all have to be taken into account.
    do some reading from a pest management board or ask a professional for assistance. exposing your family to something dangerous is as bad as any illness or disease the fleas carry.
    I can be more exact in this than that. consult a professional. your family deserves the best care….enough said

  2. WP Robot

    I don’t believe those things are really that effective. The key is preventive matainence. The best way to do it is the old fashioned way. Wash everything and your pets. Use Raid.

  3. ?

    they are all junk. Try to find some eucalyptus oil, or get the branches of a eucalypti tree and place them under the furniture and your fleas will leave in a few days.

  4. ~ Floridian``

    When we had a flea problem after bringing a new kitty into our home, we just set off a bug bomb. Be sure to turn off the gas and remove all pets with you for a few hours. I worked well.

  5. barbara b

    Never found one of those gadgits that works. The only way to kill them is to flea bomb the house. I use a good spot on brand of flea killer on my 2 cats. These products stop the fleas great by causing the baby fleas to be born without mouths so they can’t bite and eat. Then they die. You do need to mouse proof your house as they do carry fleas and other worse things like deer ticks. Thats where the cats come in…you have a cat in the house, you have no mice in the house. But remember, fleas like outside too. Try Orkin if you want to get rid of them in the yard for awhile. You will have to treat the place yearly or more often as they are out there and will come back. we used to bomb the place every summer, but since the invention of products like Front Line and Spot On, the dogs and cats are flealess and no more fleas in the house. And, you do not have to buy this stuff at the vet prices. Go to Petco or even better, it’s cheaper on line.

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