My cat is an indoor cat. A few weeks ago he got outside and was out almost all night. The next day when I got him back inside he had lot’s of fleas. I got some frontline from the vet and he still has them. I have given him baths with regular flea/tick shampoo. I am constantly brushing him. He still has fleas!!


  1. Celeste

    Well u have to treat the areas he spends his time in as well. Borax(laundry aisle) is great for killing fleas as well as salt. The frontline is most likely working but the fleas are breeding in his bed or in the carpet of the house and jumping right back on him. Spray everything after you wash it all in very hot soapy water and sprinkle the salt or borax on everything, including corners and along baseboards. It isn’t harmful. Do this every 4 days for about 2 weeks and they should be gone. Good luck

  2. Lisa K

    A safe and cheap method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by your cat.

  3. PreppieO

    Put i tiny amount of vinager in the water bowl. The fleas do not like it and will get off your cat. Your cat will not know the difference with the water. I do it and my cats have never had a flea.

  4. Memster

    Mix distilled water with two tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing liquid, then add some lavender essential oil. Put in a spray bottle and spray kitty.

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