or something that says “In training… Pet me” If so, where could I get one?


  1. Kate M

    Therapy dogs don’t have the same rights as service dogs. They are not trained like a service dog and do not get vests. Therapy dogs are generally used in hospitals and long term care facilities. They are taken by their owner for short visits.
    Service dogs should not be pet by strangers when they are working. Don’t confuse the public.

  2. Dreamer

    Usually if you are registered with a Therapy Dog program, they provide you with the vest and leashes for it.
    They don’t sell that sort of thing to the general public, because service dogs get special privileges such as being allowed inside stores and restaurants, and as someone else said, people abuse it by trying to get their regular pets to pass off as service dogs.
    I suggest for now you get a plain dog t-shirt and simply write “Pet Me Please!” on the back- don’t make any indication of being “in training” or a therapy/service dog, since that could be misconstrued. Just writing Pet Me will get the results you want without getting you into any legal trouble or anything.

  3. Shelby L

    make sure you have a badge or some paper work to back that up before you put that on your dog and start taking it to public places, those rules are in place for a reason and the business could get in lot of trouble if your making it up

  4. Kada G

    you can buy him a vest and buy iron on letters and do it yourself, of you can go to websites that will make them for you. Itll cost a lot more.. I suggest the do it yourself idea.

  5. Dog Chick

    There are vests for service dogs that say Don’t pet me…In training. They are not readily available though because people misuse the privilege.

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