My kitten has such bad fleas! He scratches himself so hard there is big patches of fur missing on some parts of his body. I was wondering if there is a way to get the fleas off that doesn’t cost money? Thank you.


  1. athena

    I can’t swear by it, but I think I heard that you can dip their collar in lemon juice. Why not google the word fleas? Good luck.

  2. make your own website

    I hear Dawn soap in warm water and dipping you cat will do the trick. I suppose the question then becomes, how do you get them to STAY off of him?
    You’re gonna need to get him a flea bath or a flea collar or some Frontline or something….

  3. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    If your cat keeps scratching himself, he will keep losing hair. Also, he may develop skin ulcerations that may become infected. It’s best to buy a special shampoo and bathe him very well. Then give him a flea collar.

  4. lissy

    YES I DO ! Palmolive dish soap… the green original. I just adopted a Linx siamese cat from the animal shelter and they were using this soap tp get rid of the fleas. Good Luck

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