after hearing that Cesar got sued after choking a dog to death by making it run on a treadmill till it was tired, i couldn’t look at his face anymore. plus, i don’t like his ways of training, he only uses fear.


  1. wini-fre

    There’s another show on Animal Planet that comes on every Saturday at 9 it’s called It’s Me or the Dog with Victoria Stillwell.

  2. Kuzih

    He didn’t choke the dog to “death.” Also, Cesar claims that he was not at the facility when it happened and that the personal dog trainer hired by the owner was with the dog at the time of the accident. Way to go to throw a story out of prospective and judge a person before the courts have decided what happened. Do some research before jumping to conclusions.
    “On May 5, 2006, Flody Suarez, a television producer for the TV series 8 Simple Rules, filed a lawsuit against Millan, claiming that his Labrador retriever had been seriously injured while at Millan’s training facility during an exercise routine on a treadmill.[14] National Geographic Channel released a statement that Millan was not present at the facility at the time of the alleged incident. Millan has also claimed that Suarez’s personal dog trainer was with the dog, Gator, while it was at the Dog Psychology Center and that he did not charge Suarez or Suarez’ dog trainer for use of the Dog Psychology Center facilities. Millan had allowed Suarez’ trainer to bring Gator to the center as a favor. A hearing to discuss the suit was canceled, since a settlement (the terms of which were not made public) was reached on March 29, 2007.”
    There are several shows one of them on the BBC.

  3. hardcore

    Actually, Cesar uses what other dogs use to train them. He does not use fear, he uses dog psychology, and uses it on dogs who have been to many trainers, and have had NO results. His tactics are not for dogs with just one issue, he uses his tactics on dogs that have many, many issues, including severe aggression. And if YOU READ instead of listening to HERE SAY, you would know that Cesar was not there, and it was the owner’s personal dog trainer, who brought the dog in and did it.
    I highly doubt that National Geographic would continue to air and support someone that is cruel to animals.
    Just because you are a human, doesn’t mean all animals respond to what you would. You have to get into their head, and find another way to get them to understand you.
    Well before Cesar had a show, we picked up a dog that was living on the streets for most of his young life, with barely any human interaction. He was food aggressive, almost broke my mother’s foot by biting, and nearly attacked our cat on several occasions.. Every time he did something wrong, yelling obviously only made him run or want to turn on us so, I flipped him on his back and put my hand on his neck, not choking, but kept him pinned until he calmed down, because that is what I saw wolves do to one another on nature shows. I endured painful bites, but I did not give in because that isn’t something wolf leaders did. And guess what? My baby boy gave in, and recognized me as his leader. He was trained in in a few months, even after we were told by vets and trainers that he was a “danger” and should be put down, when we first got him. He became the best dog, and a good friend, becoming gentle, loving, and an integral part of the family. We didn’t give up on him because we knew that being a domesticated animal, he can be broken of feral habits, something that most vets and trainers say can’t happen. That is BS. Laziness and being misguided is why dogs like my dog got put down. Any dog can be broken of feral habits, any dog can be broken out of aggression. That is something my family knew and we put up with him being a danger for so long because we knew it would take a while for him to realize we weren’t there to hurt him, but to take care of him, for him to become part of our family. He never hurt anyone after that.
    RIP Pogo. I love you baby, and no other dog can ever replace you.

  4. Praying For Zoe and Gizmo!

    It’s Me Or The Dog with Victoria Stillwell! She’s much better dog trainer and much more Humane, than Cesar Milan. Cesar Milan is abusive and a phony!

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