I have 3 dogs and one of them always wants to be dominant over the other two. When they play together, he attacks them for no reason, is there anything i can do to make him stop?


  1. Whacked1

    How agressive is the ‘attack’ on the other dogs? If it’s mere humping or dominant play, then you shouldn’t worry too much.
    Although you should be the leader of the pack, they will try to establish dominance among the four legged community. It’s their natural order (ever heard of the leader of the pack?). Although it may seem odd to us, most dogs are happy knowing that they’re place in the pack and getting dominated is actually re-assuring to them that they have someone who is the leader and will defend them. Breaking up or interferring this relationship can lead to even more problems among the more dominant dog and anxiety among the submissive ones. So I recommend leaving them to work out their issues. Keep an eye on them to make sure that they’re not hurting each other. If you need to break them up, don’t scream or get crazy. Just approach them with a treat and distract them. First, feed the treat to the more dominant one before giving a treat to the other two. In a pack, the dominant one eats first. This will help establish their order and eventually lead to less shows of dominance.
    Let them be as long as they’re not hurting each other. If the dog tries to dominate people, then that’s an entirely different issue and should be a cause for alarm (or a good dog book). I know this goes against what we as people think- but these aren’t people. If they had our same thought process, their brain’s would be bigger than ours (and they wouldn’t sniff butts and the poop they find). These are social animals who are used to being in a society where there is a heirarchy. Trying to change their status among each other is not natural to them. This type of behavior is not uncommon when you have three or more dogs- especially if you’ve recently introduced a new dog to your home.
    I have three dogs and they did the exact same thing. I let them be and they are fine now. They play musical bowls during feeding time. They sleep together and play together. On occassion, there’s a bit of humping here and there, but it’s turned into an otherwise peaceful home.
    Regardless, I recommend asking your vet as he knows them better. Also, I based this on the notion that your dogs were all about the same size. If you have a pitbull that’s being dominant to your two 6 pound dogs- then talk to your vet.

  2. monica g

    Maybe he wants to be dominent over the other 2 because maybe he thinks u like them more. When u r giving ur dogs treats give some to each one. Another thing u can do is show him love and compassion. I hope I helped

  3. Lauren.

    You need to study the teachings of Cesar Milan. You need to make sure YOU are the pack leader and that the other 3 dogs have the same rank below you. That means treating all the dogs the same among other things that Cesars teachings can tell you.

  4. agilebxr

    Hmm — how do the others react? Is he the youngest? biggest? smallest? neutered?? We need some more details.
    Is he really attacking or just playing?

  5. John F

    I can tell that you have not done any obedience training and don’t know how. Your dog thinks he has to be the boss because nobody else is. Training with your dog will help him understand that you are the leader not him. It will also give you a technique for correcting bad behavior and giving him guidance on how you want him to behave. TAKE HIM TO TRAINING CLASS.

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