I am about to buy an 8-week old dalmation puppy. I want to train her properly.


  1. Lou G

    As a Dalmatian breeder, I would highly recommend the book:
    The Perfect Puppy,
    by Gwen Bailey.
    I always give a copy to all new puppy owners.
    It’s good to get before you get the puppy, so you can be ready before she comes!
    It uses kind sensible training that a Dalmatian in particular will respond to really well.
    It is definitely worth attending dog training classes with her when she is old enough, something we always recommend with this breed.
    For a Dalmatian book, try:
    Author: Patches Silverstone
    ISBN: 1-86054-032-5
    RRP: £19.95
    Publisher: Ringpress Books
    A very good modern general guide to Dalmatians, including health, showing & general care etc.
    You may also find the British Dalmatian Club website of use too.
    It is full of information and also has a forum where all Dalmatian questions can be asked, with experts to help.
    The very best of luck with your new puppy!!


    ‘Before and after getting your puppy, the positive approach to raising a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog’ by Dr Ian Dunbar. Get this book and read it before your pup comes homes, I found it all very useful when I got my pup!
    Good luck 🙂

  3. james_se

    The best book out of many that I read was “The Dog Whisperer” (A Humane apporach to dog trianing), using the techniques in this book go greater results than any of the other apporaches and classes.

  4. sasha

    firstly, well done for choosing a Dal, i have a 3 year old male, had him since he was 8 weeks old.
    stunning breeds aren’t they?
    i hope yours, like mine will have the ability to “smile” – it’s true, dalmatians really can smile when they are pleased to see you!
    secondly, i swear by Victoria stilwells it’s me or the dog book, it covers everything in the k9 world from pup to senior.
    also as a second aide, get a book called “what is my dog thinking” it explains the A-Z of the dogs body language.
    have fun with your Dal, i wouldn’t be without mine!

  5. Pamela G

    Hi here is a web site for the book the dog whisperer by Paul Owens he also has a DVD of the same title.www.dogwhispererdvd.com I have read the book and it has helped. Good Luck

  6. Shepherdgirl §

    How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners, By Monks of New Skete
    The Art of Raising a Puppy,By Monks of New Skete
    Good Owners Great Dogs, by Brian Kilcommons
    Expert Obedience Training for Dogs, by Winifred Gibson Strickland
    Training Your Dog: The Step-By-Step Manual, by Joachim J. Volhard
    Purely Positive Training, by Sheila Booth
    Books can help and it is a start but it will not teach everything,so it is wise to put your dog through an obedience program.

  7. reynwate

    One of the best books I’ve ever read is “Training Your Retriever” written by monks. Though it targets retrievers, the basics apply to all breeds. they recommend praise for good behavior (dog’s name, good boy) instead of punishment. Ex: your pup is happily trotting about with your sock, call him to you, when he comes Praise! Take the sock, have the pup follow you at heal…praise. A bad behavior (chewing socks) is turned into a positive training technique.
    Come, sit, down, stay, heel, no….basic commands to start with. Manners first!
    Dalmations require lots of exercise, fetching supplies exercise and reinforces training commands.
    good luck

  8. WP Robot for Wordpress

    Training books can only help you so far, better to join in Puppy training classes, it one thing to train at home but its better to train where there are lots of other dogs to distract, as will happen when you are out for a walk.

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