I want to take my golden retriever max to basic dog training classes to learn obidience and how to walk “nice” on the lead but can’t seem to find any classes in Hull, so if anyone knows of any good ones please let me know x


  1. tradcobd

    Hiyaaa there is one at willerby hill livery yard (monday nights i think) but the best trainer i know is a guy called Neil symons who runs 121 dog training. go to smiths pet foods at cottingham and his advert is in there. or email me pagan_amber@yahoo.co.uk Neil has used his rottie Rebus in Waking the dead twice. Nice guy too.

  2. Green Weasle

    go to http://www.dogproblems.com You can train your dog at home and get better results than going to a petsmart. It’s also way cheaper. You can get 7 months access for the amount of a 2 months course that only teaches beginners things. I used this site for my dog and it was wonderful.
    For getting your dog to walk nicely on a leash just do this( I got this from http://www.dogproblems.com)
    Tell your dog to sit on your left in heel position. Tell him to “heel” and start walking. If he goes to farther than you want ahead of you then turn 90 degrees and run the other way. Your dog will get a pop on the other end of the leash and see you leaving and will Catch back up. AS soon as he is where he is supposed to be, praise him. Do the same thing if he goes to far to the side, but run the opposite direction as him.
    Also, hold the leash with 2 hands at your pelvis and use your body to pull when you run, not your hands. Having your hands here will make it easy to transition to you holding your arm at your side since it’s basically the same area.
    This should only take about 10 minutes and he’ll get what you want. Remember to praise him when he is next to you!
    Have fun training your dog!

  3. judyisfa

    try and find ur local yellow pages we just moved so we got a new one ju go to ur post office and ask them if they have any spares and they would give it to you for free

  4. BYBs cause suffering and death

    Hull where? There’s a Hull in Quebec, well, it’s called Gatineau now but people still refer to it as Hull.

  5. Collie

    You will want a club as oppose to one- to- one.
    Follow the Links to your area for a list

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