I have a Chocolate Lab. I don’t know if I need books specific to the behavioral characteristics of that breed or not.


  1. CareBear

    At least get one that is breed specific. Then you’ll learn the tendencies of the breed and know how best to train your dog.
    I have a Jack Russell Terrier…Don’t know if you’ve ever met one, but they are CRAZY! We have 2 or 3 training books. Jacks are very smart though so they are harder to train but once they learn something, they remember it forever! The smarter the animal, the harder they are to train!
    Good Luck!!

  2. tom l

    Depends on how far you want to go with your Lab. There is everything from basic obedence all the way to training an all age qualified field trial retriever out there.
    Here would be a great place to start,,, Jim & Phyllis Dobbs have been training dogs for many-many years and have written several books. Plus they carry quite a library of training books.
    They are super people and will be glad to answer any question you might have.http://www.dobbsdogs.com/catalog/index.p…

  3. Shadow's Melon

    The first book I bought was called “Clicking With Your Dog” by Peggy Tillman. It teaches you how to use a clicker to shape your dog into the training you want. There are illustrations and shows methods on specific training ideas.
    Clicker training is an excellent method and I highly recommend it! It is used in the competition obedience class I am currently taking with my Border Collie and the results are amazing! You can get a clicker for about $2 at a Petsmart kind of store.
    Edit: I also have to say that considering getting into a class with a good trainer is always a good idea. I learned alot from the book, but my trainer is able to tell me if there’s something little I may be doing wrong that may cue the dog a way I don’t want to. Having someone there to see and instruct me on these things has been very helpful and the dog learns to work with distractions of other people and dogs, which is very hard to recreate in a home setting.

  4. Trish Mahon

    anything by Jan Fennell, its the best method I’ve ever used, wish I’d found it when I first started vet. nursing

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