I am DEAD certain that my puppy has fleas. My boyfriend said he saw small black bugs on him after playing outside. He is always scratching or something. When we take him to the vet, the vet says she sees no fleas or flea dirt. I want to just give him something to be sure. I would hate the thought of fleas in my house.


  1. Chalice

    Yes, you should treat him anyway.
    Pet store products can certainly hurt you dog and better yet, they don’t work. So stay away! Veterinary products work and are safe – get some Frontline. The spot-on can be used from 8 weeks of age, and the spray from 2 days of age. It stays on the animal’s skin, does not affect them internally.

  2. ilovehor

    Flea medication kills fleas and/or prevents fleas. It will not hurt your puppy. I put flea medication on my cat once a month. By doing that I will be killing any fleas that are on him and when he goes outside it will prevent him from getting fleas.

  3. Heavy Metal Music and Bands

    It depends on his age. If he is over 8 weeks old, you can safely use Frontline Plus or Advantage on a puppy. They are preventatives, so the point is to give them to prevent fleas from getting on your puppy in the first place and they’ll kill any that might be there now.

  4. danielso

    even if ur puppy doesnt have fleas, flea medicine will keep it that way and wont hurt it. just make sure u read the information and instructions on it because some of them require differant ages to use on puppies

  5. Brianna M

    it wont hurt him at all!!!! if anything it will prevent him from having fleas if he doesnt. hell be fine

  6. Rexydobe

    Yes, definitely get him Flea meds and used monthly it will be a preventative. Also, you will need to treat your house. such as carpet, bedding, linens, dog beds, etc.

  7. steve

    no it wont hurt him at all, flea medication is an act of prevention as well as a cure. make sure you give the right amount for his weight.

  8. crazypel

    Most flea prevention will not hurt him if he does or doesn’t have fleas. If he does, it kills the fleas, if he doesn’t, it prevents the fleas from jumping on him and biting him. However, most fleas preventatives (i.e. BioSpot, Zodiac, Hartz, Adams, etc – the cheap ones) cannot be given to puppies 12 weeks and under. Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix and Advantage can be given to puppies at least 8 weeks of age and is guaranteed to work for 4 weeks. It is more money, but is worth every penny – you get what you pay for.
    If your puppy is less them 12 weeks, you can bathe him in non-concentrated Dawn dishsoap to kill the fleas (it suffocates them).
    Since the vet said there are no fleas and he is still itching, your pup may be allergic to something like his food or other common allergies. Your vet should at least have some suggestions on what it may be if it is not fleas. It could also be mites, however, the vet would have seen that as well. If you are certain it could be fleas or mites and you saw them yourself, go to another vet to get a proper diagnosis.
    You don’t need a prescription to get any of those flea preventatives I mentioned. You can get them at any pet store.

  9. k9

    Keep in mind that flea treatments are pesticides. I know you may want to do this as a preventative and he may be old enough to handle it (call the Vet and ask) but I hate the idea of using something on him that he doesn’t need.
    I know it’s all about prevention. I get that. How about you put him in a tub of warm water – sit him in there and be sure the water is up to his shoulders – then wait and see if any fleas float to the top of the water and/or the area on him above the water line. If the little buggers are on him, the fast ones will crawl to the driest part of him.
    If there are no fleas, then I vote against flea treatments.

  10. sue2blue

    It won’t hurt him at all. It will work as a preventative to keep him from getting fleas.

  11. ♪♥♫♥~Misty Shadows~♥♫♥♪

    Yes!!! My dog had seizures after using flea meds on her. She continued seizures for the rest of her life. I will NEVER use flea meds again. Try Dr. Bronners liquid soap (available at healtfood stores and online), when you do bathe him. I use the eucalyptus and dilute it with water. About 1/2 and 1/2. This is great for fleas!!! And vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Every day for a few weeks. Good luck!! Check this answer out from another Yahoo user, this is great advice! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?…

  12. WP Robot

    Frontline or Advantage for Puppies would be ideal for your Puppy. Certainly won’t hurt him and will get rid of any fleas that might be around but not neccessarily on the dog.

  13. Bonzie12

    Get some flea and tick medication from your vet. Advantix, Frontline, etc. Make sure it’s for puppies.

  14. maggie h

    I sure would be hesitant to flea meds on a puppy that is less than a few months old…. When one of our puppies got fleas, the vet had us wash them with Dawn dish soap – I know its still a chemical, but its not nearly as harsh as flea meds. You have to give them a couple baths for a couple days, but it cleared them right up. (Your dog might have a skin allergy or dry skin, in which case, none of the above would work and you would want to ask the vet for a medicated shampoo)

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