Although when i saw tiny brown creatures on my cat, I immediately took it to the vet ( who said they were not fleas) and they sprayed it with meds and washed it, but I am still worried one of us at home can catch it, espcially the kids!


  1. crazy_da

    hey hun….you can look up ticks n fleas on the net…but ticks are brown or gray and they can be as big as the end of your finger and will only bite harder when touched…while fleas are smaller and brown but they will jump and run when touched….ticks are not the least bit picky about who they feed on while fleas are choosy…i say this because our cats had fleas but they always stayed on the cats…then when we put the cats out side for a few days the fleas then started chewing on us…humans are not on the top of their menu but they will take what they can get when other options run out…love daisy

  2. deus82

    Ticks are small rounded arachnids that cling to one spot and do not move. Fleas can jump around on your pet. If your pet is stratching the same area over and over again, its a tick, if it stratches different areas its a flea.

  3. deaddeer

    You need to ask the vet what exactly it was, then maybe we can give you more info, or ask him! If they sprayed it, and it wasn’t fleas I am gonna guess it was ticks…check your cat ALL over and make sure they got them all. And Yes ticks do feed on humans. If it is an outdoor cat, he should have a preventative flea and tick treatment monthly, Again ask your vet what they offer.

  4. norm

    ticks are blood suckers they bury there little heads under your skin and drink like a leech and can carry lime diease, fleas are small and will bite you all over to many fleas will kill animals they will drain there blood

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