I’m renting a Rug Doctor later today. There was a mention somewhere about making your own cleaning solution instead of buying it from the store. What would I use to make it?
Also, is there something I can add to kill fleas in the carpet? Or is deep cleaning the rug good enough?


  1. goat roper

    I would buy their solution because they have something in theirs to keep it from being too sudsy. This is what I would do. I would go to WalMart or somewhere and get some of those flea bombs and put them in my house right before I am to clean my carpet. That way you will have the whole house done and then you can clean the carpet. But remember that you may need to do the fleas two times because the eggs will not be killed and will hatch out later. So take that into account.
    Good luck. Oh and for the best smell ever go to your local Sam’s Club and buy a jug of OdaBan and spray some around in your house. It smells great!!!! : )

  2. BERT

    I don’t know anything about making Rug Doctor solution. I am a fan of the original though. But as to the question of will the steam cleaning be enough to kill the fleas… the answer is no. You need to go to Home Depot and get a gallon of Enforcer flea spray. I have used it and know that it works. Just go by the directions and it will totally take care of the problem. Be sure you treat your pets and pet beds as well. Good luck!http://www.upco.com/enforcer-flea-spray-…

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