I’m training my dog as a therepy dog but it’s not official because I own him and just decided to do this but can I still take him out places like wallmart that allow therepy and service animals? Do I need to get him registered as a therepy dog in training? If so how do I do it?


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    therapy dogs are NOT allowed in stores and restraunts either.. they are only allowed in places like hospitals and nursing homes.
    Only SERVICE animals are allowed in stores and restraunts. Unless you have a disability, and your dog is trained to perform a task that assists you with your disability, your dog is not allowed.

  2. Kirsten R

    First, there is no such thing as a therapy dog in training. Until it passes a therapy dog test and is registered with an organization such as the Delta Society or Therapy Dogs International, it is simply a pet. And pets aren’t allowed in Walmart. Neither are therapy dogs.
    Remember that therapy dogs are trained, tested, and registered so they can visit places like nursing homes with their owners to cheer up the patients there. They have no particular rights and neither do their owners (with regard to their dog being a therapy dog). They are pets who have been tested as well behaved and of sound temperament such that they qualify for group insurance rates for liability. That’s it.
    Only fully trained service dogs are required to be permitted in stores under federal law. Some, but not all, states cover service dogs in training, but usually only if they are accompanied by a trainer from a recognized service dog training program. None cover therapy dogs in training.
    Service dogs are specially trained to assist the disabled. Candidates may be donated to schools for training to become service dogs, but then the owner has to give up ownership so the dog can be transferred to the new, disabled, owner.

  3. Wouldntyou L

    Indoor public places don’t generally allow for therapy dogs, except hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
    As for what you need to do, contact the hospitals and nursing homes to see what their requirements are.
    I know one gal who did it with her dog, and all that was required was proof that the dog went through basic obedience classes and properly vaccinated.
    As for service dogs being allowed everywhere, they have to be licensed and properly marked as a service dog and can only be taken into these places when they are working. A sighted person cannot bring someone else’s seeing eye dog into the store.

  4. Kate M

    Therapy and service dogs are not the same. Service dogs can go anywhere with their handler. Therapy dogs usually only go to hospitals and nursing homes, and usually as a group. They cannot go into places that don’t allow pets, as they are pets.
    If you are doing therapy work with a group or organization, they should be able to provide help with getting your dog ready.

  5. Carl Nowell

    Wow, Am I surprised at the number of mis information out here about what a therapy dog can or can not do. I am also amazed that such general statements are made that are so far off base.

    Therapy dog training is up to the handler. Some handlers put their dog and themself through a local TD training class in order to see if they want to do this type of wonderful volunteer work.

    Therapy dogs are not Service Dogs as stated but therapy dogs are allowed to enter just about any business area such as Wal-Mart if the hander receives prior approval from management. Same for walking your dog through Malls or other public places. Walking your dog in different areas helps somewhat to the extent that the dog gets to see and become familiar with different environments.
    Always seek approval to enter any facility, mall, shop resturant etc. prior to bringing your dog inside. Some managers will allow you to enter while others may refuse you.

    Locally, we are privileged to be allowed to bring our dogs into our Wal-Mart, some local resturants (except during high traffic times), Applebee’s resturant, most Cracker Barrel resturants, STUMPKNOCKERS resturant and a few other places when we go visiting and need to stop for food.
    We always ask first…
    Just remember that if you make visits on your own you don’t have the insurance coverage in the event something were to happen. Also keep in mind that when you are outside of the TD visit you are not covered with insurance unless your homeowners insurance covers you and your dog. Please ask questions about this so that you are not left out in the cold if your dog did something that could lead to a potential law suit.

    Good judgement needs to prevail whenever you take a dog anywhere. You must be in total control of your dog and the dog should be on a short/walking lead instead of a reel type or long lead where the handler has little control over the dog.

    Therapy dogs may visit assisted living facilities, privete homes (when the handler knows it is safe to do so, family,friends, neighbors etc) as well as hospice houses (if prior hospice training has been completed), group homes for physically & mentally retarded citizens, cancer centers, hospitals (hard sometimes receiving authorization to visit) and lets include local librarys and other youth centers as well as schools and churches for what is called Read-to-the-Dogs program.

    I will end with people need to learn more about Therapy dog volunteer work and training before venturing out on their own.
    When you visit places “on your own” without the backing of registering your dog with a highly recognized therapy dog program. They offer large insurance coverage for when you and your dog are out on an authorized TD visit.

    I mention this as I am a registered therapy dog handler and Tester/Observer with Therapy Dog Inc. of Wyoming and instruct TD classes as part of a community service at the (Central Florida) Bushnell Public Libray in Bushnell, Fl. 33513.

    If you should have any questions on what to do or where you may go please contact a herapy dog tester/observer or other registered instructor for guidence.

    You must consider all the local and state laws when out in the public with your dog.

    Just because you have a therapy dog does not give you any ‘rights.’ A Service dog and handler have ‘rights.’ Know the difference.

    I do not profess to know all but I do cover a lot of good material throughout our training workshops that help guide folks in the preperation of going on a visit, how to visit folks who are confind to beds, or wheelchairs, or who use walkers etc. There are a lot of times when you are in close quarters so you need to know how to move about an area that may have medical equipment surrounding a bed.
    There are times when you would not want to enter a room due to health reasons. You need to respect HIPA laws and have total respect for all residents, patients and be in very close control of your dog when children are about. There are so many areas to be discussed and information sharing is important.

    Please vist us at http://www.happytailstherapydogs.com

    Carl Nowell tester/observer

  6. Carl Nowell

    I find it odd that my post wasn’t allowed to be made public. A shame it is…because there is much misinformation stated above.

    I will stay away from your site…

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