My cat seems to be scratching a lot. But it is winter here. How can I tell if he has fleas?


  1. Ryne's proud mommy

    First if it is fleas you have to treat everything, meaning the house the yard and the cat and cats bedding etc. Your cats itching could also be an allergy to something. Dogs and cats shows signs of scratching as an indicator of allergies, not sneezing or sniffling they way we do. So if it isnt fleas I would check with your vet to see if it is something else. Also fleas are very bad this year because of milder winters the past few years (in the Midwest) so hopefully a good hard freeze will kill them until spring.

  2. Bored&Br

    it could be fleas since your cat is indoors. Just look through his fur and if you see alot of little black crumbs in his hair it is fleas because the black crumbs are flea crap.

  3. LucySD

    This is the story on fleas and mosquito’s…………They don’t die……………warm weather brings them out……..they attach to your warm body outside and you bring them inside. We are flea medication poor. We use 3 different kinds all from the vet……….flea shampoo and flea spray.
    Next we have to flea bomb the house.

  4. Blondie

    Not generally, unless they are in contact with anothet pet that goes outside and that pet is not given any flea treatment to prevent fleas. People can also carry fleas if they have pets that have fleas. Your vet will check for fleas at their annual check-up. For the most part they should be fine.
    Oh, and, don’t give them garlic like one of the poster’s said. Garlic can cause anemia in cats (as can onions).

  5. wanda3s4

    Does your cat go outside? If not, it’s not fleas, unless you picked them up somewhere else & brought them in. My cat has always been indoors & she’s never had fleas.

  6. *Cara*

    Look at him closely. If you see little black things jumping around then he has fleas. They can get fleas in the winter depending on where you live or he could STILL have fleas from the summer. Where is your cat scratching? If he’s scratching around his ears he may just have ear mites and not fleas. Take a look in his ears and see if it looks clean or not. If it looks gross then he has mites. There are products you can buy in the store that will get rid of them or you can also take him to the vet. Good luck.

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