1. e_ever_a

    It depends. Hedgehog fleas are hedgehog specific, and can only be taken care of delicately with pyrethrum (mum) powder (kitten is probably safest). If your hedgehog is infested with other types of fleas they can transfer to the dog. You might have dog fleas on your dog. But, these other users do not know that they are host specific pests. Occasionally they can transfer to cats or rabbits, but it isn’t as common as the CAT fleas that are everywhere.

  2. chicawha

    The fleas that live on hedgehogs are a different kind than the ones that live off dogs. So…they won’t have anything to do on the dog, in other words there is no way your dog is getting fleas from the hedgehog (not any that can harm him anyway).
    “…Hedgehog fleas are host specific: they can only live on hedgehogs, they are harmless to humans and domestic pets, and cannot live in your carpet or furniture like other fleas…”

  3. Psalm 109:8

    Once one animal has fleas, you have to treat all of them. I’m not sure how to treat a hedgehog for fleas. Ask the vet.

  4. ஐSillyஐ Due 3/17/2010

    Your dog can get fleas from anything else that has fleas. Fleas aren’t picky…a Host is a Host …no matter what species they are members of.

  5. cyndi b

    a dog isnt picky about where he gets his fleas and fleas arent picky about where they get their next victim.

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