Can my dog get fleas/ticks just by walking around the block? There are other dogs in the area (all owned, no strays), he’d be walking on the sidewalk and possibly through other people’s yards.


  1. Melissa B

    Dogs of course can get fleas from other dogs….since the fleas can fall off the dog that just passed and your dog comes by and picks it up…but baths aren’t that great….first they don’t kill fleas at all and you could get a flea infestation without knowing it till they are on your leg…so go to the vet and get the little bottles of flea stuff that is appropriate for your dogs size, age and weight…this will go on his back between his shoulder blades and its good for a month or six weeks. Now depending where you live if you get snow then you don’t need it during the winter…my little Chicklet doesn’t need that stuff at all I dont’t take him where other dogs go in the grass just on pavement…fleas don’t live on the pavement…
    Personally I use this the most…
    See ya.

  2. gmw2

    ues he can, no its not. you should be bathing your dog at least weekly, 2 of my dogs get bathed daily, the other 3 are every 3 days

  3. Nikki

    If he walks in long grass, then there is a bigger chance of them getting ticks.
    Have you tried a topical flea medication like frontline? Frontline is actually effective for 1-3 months depending on the amount of fleas in the area. The flea shampoos usually only last a few days after the bath. They are mostly just for killing the fleas that are on your dog and not preventing them.
    Yes your dog can get fleas by walking around the block.

  4. Warrior princess

    Dogs can get ticks & fleas anywhere
    Use a monthly treatment like Advantage or Frontline (thats what they are called in Australia) which will prevent fleas or ticks completely.
    Frequency of bathing your dog depends on many things including
    If he comes in to your home, breed of dog etc
    Too often can be more harmful than not often enough as oils that protect the dogs skin can be lost due to the shampoo

  5. travel suitcases

    It is possible to get fleas by walking around the block, fleas live in the dirt so dont let your dog roll around in it!
    But ticks live in the bush, ticks would not be around the block!!! If a dog did get a tick the next few days she/he would die if it is not removed! But ticks are very rare!! If you want to avoide ticks and fleas then dont take your dog out to the bush were heaps of bugs are!!
    You should not bath your dog to often!! IT WASHES away there natural olis which they need!! once mouthly is even a bit to much, I would suddgest whever it starts to smell or if its been a wet and muddy night!!
    You should be using a flea shampoo so your dog can NOT get fleas, You can find this at your local petstore,
    How it works: The shampoo gives out a sent that only fleas can smell and they HATE it so they will not go and jump onto your dog!
    Over all it is rare for your dog to get a flea just by walking around the block, and you dont think you will ever find a tick around your area, Ticks can not live in a neighbourhood! They need to be on a dog or other animal or hiding in the tall tall trees or under the logs
    Hope i helped you!

  6. happy dog

    Another option is to kill the ticks where they live. Making Homemade Tick tubes are a very clever way to kill ticks near your home before they are able to attach to your dog and bring them home.

    Ticks not only feed on larger animals but they also feed on mouse blood. Mice are favorite hosts as they scurry through brush become a plentiful food source for the tick population.

  7. Burd

    Fleas are everywhere even on you get some advantage and put it between the shoulder blades where he cant lick it. I only give my dog a bath every 3 mts. sometimes its hard on their coats and skin dries them up. Always ask a Vet if your not sure a phone call costs what?

  8. William

    Yes your dog can get fleas/ticks even if it’s just a short walk. Fleas/Ticks proliferate during this time of the year and they can be found everywhere, on grasses, shrubs, your neighbor’s yard, from a flea/tick-infested pet of another neighbor, or wherever! Always exercise caution if you’re going to take your dogs for a walk. Make sure it walks only on areas where bare ground is visible and it does not make contact with potential carriers of the parasite infection. Also use preventive dog collars (e.g. Preventic Tick Dog Collar), preventive shampoos (regular bathing is recommended rather than the once-a-month thing) and other similar products to protect your pet.
    For more info on fleas/ticks on dogs, I found some useful articles, which you can check out. Here’s the link:

  9. dixiedar

    Dogs can pick up fleas and ticks anytime they step outside. Medications like Frontline or ProMeris work better than flea baths. If you’re talking about regular bathing, I bathe my dogs every other week or so. If you do it too often the fur will get too dry.

  10. Bonzie12

    Sure, dogs can pick up fleas anywhere there is grass or foleage. Use a monthly flea and tick ointment on them to kill them and you won’t have any problems.

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