I just dropped my 2 dogs off at the groomer and while I was in line, I heard another customer say something like she thought her dog had fleas….The groomer then started talking about putting some flea preventitive on the dog. I’m 9 months pregnant and can not bring fleas into my home! How likely is it that they can pick it up from being there at the same time?


  1. Agent Shnully

    I take my dog to Petco to get his nails cut, ears cleaned etc..and i am very satisfy with them, it is always clean and im not worried about them hurting my dog.
    I took my puppy to a private groomer one, it was horrific expirience, dirty, with a bunch of dogs cramped in one area etc.. Im pretty sure fleas are not the only thing you can catch there!

  2. dogsgoss

    It is probably as likely that they can pick fleas up there, than when you are just taking your dog for a walk. Fleas are such small things and even though I am sure the groomer takes very good precautions in an attempt to have a flea free salon, sometimes that can be just an almost impossible task. Your ideal solution would be just to ensure that your dog is protected against fleas by using a good flea preventative at all times, that way you will always have peace of mind.

  3. SundialN

    Yes, your pet can get fleas if the groomer does not keep the infected dog separate from others. Groomers usually have small kennels that hold individual dogs in between grooming times and if the kennels are not properly cleaned fleas can be left behind to infect the next dog put in that kennel.

  4. mauveme4

    There is that possibility. We always took care not to let that happen by tending to the flea dog immediatley and spraying down the store periodically during the day. Good Luck

  5. tiffypan

    Yes it is possible, but they could also pick them up from grass or from any other dogs or cats he meets. Don’t worry -just take normal precautions. I’m sure the groomer does!

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