My dog loves to dart out the front door and into the street. It’s very scary and dangerous. Once she’s out, she’s hard to catch, won’t come when called, and will run right into traffic. I’m so afraid she’ll get out and get hit by a car. How can I train her to stay on the property if she does accidently get out?


  1. Maltese Breeder

    Start teaching her to stay, Have her sit, also have a leash on her.
    If she goes to move say stay, put your hand in front of you, like a stopping motion, and say stay.
    Once she understands this, do it for longer periods of time. ( Have her stay and you go in another room) Do this for short periods of time at first, and then make them a little longer!!
    Don’t forget about giving her a treat!
    If she still making a run for the front door even though you have told her to stay, Make sure you confine her somehow (put her in another room when you answer the door, or have her lease handy and put it on before opening the door!!
    Hope this helps you, good luck !!!!

  2. razor face

    everytime time he does it kick him in the nads. this way he’ll know not to do it because if he does he knows he will be incapable of having children and his nads will be swollen like a grapefruit.

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