I have a cat and she has fleas so bad that my house is infested with them. Someone told me that there are certain trees and bushes that can get rid of them. Is that true and if it is what are they so I can get rid of the fleas without having to use any chemicals.


  1. MagPooki

    Juniper trees and bushes are natural deterrents for fleas. My husband used to live in Oregon and they had many juniper trees and two dogs. The dos never had fleas.
    By-the-way, you really should get some Frontline for your cat especially if it’s an outdoor cat. You can plant as many junipers as you want, but if your cat wonders around the neighborhood as most cats do, you’ll still get fleas.

  2. tcorbai

    frontline or advantage an hour after u put it on the fleas disappear… try it its great….

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