My Dad bought crappy flea medicine that is supposed to last for four months but it’s not working. You have to reapply the flea medicine every month but my Dad isn’t going to get anymore until those are used up. I don’t want to have to wait that long to get actual working flea medicine.Therefore I was wondering if I could use Dawn dish washing detergent to kill the fleas off my kitten (3 months) then afterwards put the flea medicine on him. If it’s too dangerous please tell me.


  1. Moondog2

    Believe it or not I use dawn on my cats and puppies ..the only thing it does is drown the loose fleas and the hatching ones live. so I suggest just get a flea comb and pick the fleas out and drop them in alchohol. Until you can get a better flea product. Frontline for cats is a good flea product . But you have to get iot from a vet.

  2. kg22

    NO!! it will not kill all the fleas & their eggs & likely dry out the cats skin pretty bad. get a good flea shampoo.

  3. Wade K

    I don’t know if that would work but you could just get it a flea collar or take her to the vet to get a flea shot.

  4. toys

    Dawn will kill the fleas but it won’t repell them, you can use dawn(don’t get it in your kittens eyes or mouth!)bathe your kitten in warm water the fleas will drown, to help get rid of all the fleas use a flea comb the get them all out of the cats fur, afterwards apply your flea medicine(frontline works really well for cats, advantage or any other repellant that you just find on the shelf is total crap)

  5. (:

    wait are you sure that the flea medicine doesnt work because you can’t apply it on top of the fur you have to apply it to the skin so you have to part the fur/hair of the animal and then put the medicine down the skin on their back.
    if you did that, well, I’m not sure if Dawn would do that. wait… dish washing detergent? I thought you said soap.

  6. michael g

    Don’t wash with Dawn. Don’t wash a 3 month old kitten. Your dad bought cheap Hartz flea drops didn’t he. Well they don’t work. You have to use the expensive Frontline, Advantage.Trust me on this ……………….

  7. SandyO

    I know Dawn is used to wash birds that are in oil spills. Only a very small amount is used and you have to rinse well to make sure it is all out of the fur as kittens groom themselves. If your kitten has fleas your house probably has fleas in the carpet etc. You’ll have to treat the house also.

  8. jeristhi

    No. You may get a lot of them out with Dawn but there are still eggs and the rest fleas that hang on.
    If the flea medication your dad got is from the grocery store, chances are it will not work well and you will be hurting your kitten.
    You will need some really effective stuff like ‘Revolution’ for cats or ‘Frontline’ from your local vet.
    I hope this helps.

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