My dog is 2 years old and is going to be ( male) neutrered thursday. He is extremely hiper active so hopefully the neutering calms him down a bit. but he nds to be formally trained, we can’t take him everywhere he wants to lung at everything. I’m nervous he’ll hurt somone, but he usually sniffs them… in our house and yard he is usualy relaxed and only barks at ppl to close to the fence. a litle help please, i want a trainer to come to my house,.


  1. K

    I recommend getting a Halti. I used this on my other dog when she was young because she was so hyper and pulled on walks. It goes around the nose and clips behind their ears but its NOT a muzzle. They can still open their mouths, eat, drink, bite, ect and it’s painless. What it does is when they pull it averts their head downard a little which makes them stop trying to pull. It worked amazing for my dog who now can be walked on just her collar or harness. My parents used it for their Dane too and my mom who weighs less then him can walk him easy with it on. It takes them a bit to get used to having something of their face but it’s a great tool.

  2. Sorika

    it sounds like he is being dominant-occasionally-aggressive. neutering him will help bring down his doggy-testosterone, but when he returns give him a break before you try to train him. he will need time to recover. then i would also suggest getting a halti and giving him more walks so he will get more energy out and also get more used to people and places

  3. Blunt Force Trauma

    Castration is NOT brain surgery!
    TRAINING changes behaviors,not whacking off organs.
    If you allow a behavior,you APPROVE it.
    If you can’t …refuse to…CORRECT the crap out of the beast….every time….place it w/a sane adult,who will.

  4. Herbie & Fern

    Find a local training school, and attend, or like you said have a trainer come to your house (though that can be quite expensive).
    How much exercise does he get? Make sure he is not getting anything less than 2 hours a day.

  5. bells301

    Well, then get a trainer to come to your house. We’ve done that in the past. Its not that expensive and for us, was very helpful.
    Just explain the situation/dog over the phone, so that they know what to expect.

  6. Bill

    I hope the neutering went well, that should calm him a little. But since he is 2 years old he probably already has some bad habits ingrained. You need to get started on a training method, if he’s a jumper there’s probably a few other things he does that you would like to fix.
    Technique for jumping:
    – Do not let your dog make a big deal out of your arrival home. Squirt him with a water pistol or shake a can of coins or pebbles to distract him.
    – Greet your dog on his level. This removes the need to jump, praise him for not jumping
    – Avoid rough play. No tug of war or wrestling, it will only encourage him to be assertive.
    – Use the “Sit” command and mean it
    – Teach the off command by raising your knee into his chest and firmly stating “off” he will associate the knee and the off where soon you just need to say off.
    I hope this helps. If you need more techniques to work with check out this training guide.

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