We have just discoverd some fleas in our apartment. Somehow they got in even though our cats dont go outside. I know they can hitch a ride on humans from place to place. My question is now that we have started treating for them is there anyway to keep them from biting us. My husband has been bit and i’ve seen some bites on my 17month old. Is there any home remedy or something i can put on their skin to keep them from biting until I get rid of them??


  1. dukefent

    The best way to keep fleas from biting is to kill them. Some insect repellents may keep them away or at least slow them down; among ‘natural’ products garlic is a perrenial favorite but cats don’t like the smell eiher. Treating the area with IGR’s (insect growth regulators) in addition to the usual steam cleaning and so on, will facilitate reduction of an infestation but will not, in itself, repel fleas.

  2. bigwheel

    Eat flax seed it goes well in apple sauce or pudding or even yogurt. My house had flees and we all ate flax seed and stopped getting bitten.
    Hope I Helped

  3. Princessa Macha Venial

    Doc Bronnor’s tea tree oil soap from the health food store helped me rid some microscopic tics that some how hitched ride, I hike in a national forest sometimes. I now use a tic repellent hang on for my birds cage so the critters don’t nest on my budgies, but it was heck getting rid of the pests. I had to pitch my couch that was near the bird cage. Good luck to you.

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