I would like to read and learn more about dog training. Can anyone recommend a good book to start with.


  1. .

    For what breed?
    I have “Idiots Guide: Positive Dog Training” and it’s a great, easy book to use and understand.
    I also got “The Dog Bible” – best book ever!! It has EVERYTHING, including dog training tips and tricks.

  2. Chicago Q

    “How to be your dog’s best friend”, by the monks of New Skete. It’s a terrific book on how to view life and dogs, and training flows from that.

  3. ♥Due in February♥

    This isn’t strictly a training book but it has a lot of training information in it, any of the “Dummies” books. I have purchased “Pit bulls for dummies” and “Labs for Dummies” and they are full of really useful information specifc to each breed including how you train them. You can find them anywhere are are a great tool. Good luck!

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