I know many people don’t like the idea of using electronic shock training collars. But I also know most people don’t know how to train their dogs properly which results in dogs biting people, running away and getting hit by cars. Tell me some positive stories.


  1. Marna O

    In 43 years of owning, training, breeding and showing dogs, I have used an electric collar once.
    We live on 180 acres, but do have a country road on 2 sides of the property. Our dogs are kept in our fenced yard unless we are working, playing or walking them.
    My one dog was about 3 years old. Trained for agility and competing..basic “companion obedience”. He would come when called, would “heel” or “side” when told, when released, would trot ahead of me 50 feet or so, stopping and checking periodically to make sure I was still coming. If I turned and walked the other direction, he would turn too, run to me. He would “wait up” when told, and “down” at a distance when told.
    In other words: he was HIGHLY trained. I had put a LOT of time into him. And he KNEW what was allowed, and to “obey”
    Well, one day, at around 3 years old, as I said, he and my daughter’s dog kicked up a jack rabbit…and off they went. To the end of our property into the neighboring orchard…they would not call off. To me, this is absolutely NOT ALLOWED! Because it is dangerous. The rabbit could have run a different direction across the road….
    So, I borrowed a friend’s E-collar.
    Only because I KNEW my dog KNEW what “Micah, come” meant.
    Took a week of walking daily until we kicked up another rabbit. Off he went. I called, in my normal happy voice “Micah, come!”…no response. Gave him another chance, “Micah! COME” louder. No response. Hit the button, he stopped and jumped. Again, I said “Micah! Come” still in a happy voice. He came, I told him him “Good Boy”.
    End of story. Never used it again.
    But…..remember, I only used it because I KNEW he KNEW what “come” meant. He was simply too caught up in the chase and chose to ignore me. And by ignoring me, he could have gotten killed.
    Micah is gone now. I lost him to cancer in old age. Dear, sweet, fun buddy boy.
    I have a 3 year old BC now…..who I have also invested a lot of training in and continues the tradition of our walks. So far, she has called off groound squirrels immediately.
    I would never use an e-collar for “training”. I do not feel it is right, nor fair to shock a dog if the trainer hasn’t already taught the dog “what to do”….If I didn’t think I could control my dog off leash, I would not allow my dog off leash, as I had not done my job.

  2. greekman

    Please look at one of my questions posted under my question and answer section for the most detailed answer on the positive uses of E collars. The answer happens to be the longest in YA history, but well worth it. I have used them for over 20 years with great success.

  3. Neorini

    would you use an electronic child strap so your kid learnt to use the toilet.
    do you not think that shocking your dog over and over is, in the end, going to mean something will “shock” you in return?
    if you cannot deal with a dog being a dog (because, guess what, that IS what they are), then do not get one.
    Do not have a ‘pet’ if you cannot handle their animal nature.

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