Having helped quite a number of people be free from their cat allergies using TAT,(Tapas Acupressure Technique) I have made some really interesting observations.

My philosophy is based on the modern commonly accepted theory that the allergy problem lies within the body’s energy system, and the cause is a disharmony between the body’s energy and that of the allergen.

It is this disharmony that causes a disruption, or blockage in the energy system which is what sets off the cascade of an inappropriate immune response which result in the allergy symptoms.

The object then is to retrain, or balance the energy system so it is IN harmony with the cat allergen.

Once that happens, the Cat Allergy Symptoms go away completely.

This is a workable theory, as it can be observed time and time again using effective modern techniques. (TAT is only one of several-but probably one of the fastest and most effective.)

So then, what is it that causes the energy system to become unbalanced in the presence of the allergen? Is there any connection at all with the mind?

Anyone interested in the mind-body connection have read stories of how someone got the phone call that their mother had died as they are watching a bouquet of yellow roses. Ever since that incident that person was allergic to yellow roses. (Not red ones, or pink ones-only the yellow ones!) The person was even allergic to yellow plastic roses…

Or the case when someone was in a rollover accident, pinned under the car in the grass, gasoline fumes wafting, and after that they get violently ill when around rag weed?

Or the verified cases when someone who is a multiple personality has one personality that is allergic to cats, and the other is not. (They are in the same body, but they have different memories. Different memories causing different chemistry.)

So, then, what can be an emotional cause for someone to be allergic to cats? Well, the causes can vary quite a bit, but in my experience, a frequent reason for someone’s allergy has to do with the bad rap cats have had for hundreds of years.

I’d like to mention here, that it makes no difference if you like or love cats. The bad rap is pervasive.

Let me explain…

Your mind is like a computer. Some of the data you get is like those temporary internet files- easy to delete. Then some data gets saved onto your hard drive…

Data that came to you from authority figures when you were a child, or data that came when you were in a state of acute stress or fear. That kind of data was accepted without you having a chance to decide whether you wanted it or not, or whether it was true or not.

But, let’s get back to the cats…

There are “Truths” about cats that resonate within our society. Let’s see if you recognize any of them:

“Cats are sneaky”.

“Cats attack without even being provoked”.

“Cats are mean”.

“Cats are stalkers”.

“Weird people have cats”. (as in the village “witch”)

“Cats can steal a baby’s breath.”

“Cats aren’t safe around babies.”

“The crazy cat lady”

“Black cat crossing in front of you means bad luck”.

Add to that the FACT that in medieval times you could be burned on a stake for owning a cat. Even liking cats could get you killed.

So, many of these things are silly, yes? But, for a child that was told these frightening things, it was not so silly, and could very well have been saved onto the “hard drive”.

Now, most of these things are completely on an unconscious level. But,,, these things get into your inner mind, and even though you don’t believe them consciously, they are like a computer program. They will continue to run until you delete them.

I see this all the time working with cat allergies. And I also see that when the issue, or misinformation gets resolved the allergy goes away, for the most part, permanently.

Let me share a story. (Details have been changed for anonymity )

Donna was severely allergic to cats. She would have reactions being around someone who had been in contact with a cat.

One of her favorite pastimes was garage sales, and shopping in second hand stores. Invariably there would be some item that had been in contact with a cat, requiring Donna to always carry her meds and plenty of tissue on her shopping trips.

Add to that, her grandson lived with 4 cats. When coming to her home he would have to undress in the garage, head straight for the shower and dress in the clothes that Donna provided for him.

Donna sure had some serious reactions to cats…

Gathering some info about Donna’s allergy, she shared that the allergy started when she was pregnant with her first son.

Ever since then (34 years ago) she had had severe reactions around cats.

So we did the allergy eliminating session with TAT which at the conclusion includes a statement where you state how you would like to feel around cats. (Or how your body would like to feel) Donna stated “I want to be safe around cats”

Now that took me by surprise, since I had already asked if she was afraid of cats, or had a dislike for cats. Or if she had had any incidents with cats.

(Most people with cat allergies are not afraid of cats, on the contrary they like them)

Then she said, almost with an embarrassed chuckle, “Well,,, you know,,, that thing about cats stealing the baby’s breath and all…” adding dismissively, “But that’s just an old wives tale”

So, reading this, you may have light bulbs going off… Donna’s allergy started when she was pregnant with her first child. She has, even though she rationally knows it is not true, had the belief implanted that “Cats steal the baby’s breath”

Now, what better way for Donna to protect her baby from dying by a cat “stealing it’s breath” than for her to get so seriously ill, a cat could never possibly come anywhere close to her baby?

See, this is how the inner mind works… (Fascinating, no?)

So, we did neutralize that belief using TAT and she had no allergic reactions whatsoever when around cats for a few months.

Then late one evening I get a call from Donna. “Heeeeeeelp!! I had a bad reaction to a cat yesterday.”

I was curious to find out what had happened…

Donna had visited a friend who had a newborn baby boy. As they are visiting the family’s cat want to join in. As the cat gets closer to the baby, the baby’s father says: “Don’t let the cat get to close to the baby, It is not safe”

So that was the problem. We had not completely neutralized the (totally unconscious) fear Donna had about cats and babies. We did some more TAT addressing the baby issue, and she has not had one reaction since.

Donna could have spent the rest of her life avoiding cats, avoiding people who have had contact with cats, and taking medication when going out shopping.

But, she only needed to clear a misconception she had gotten, probably at a very early age, in order to be completely allergy free, which she is today.

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Experience how TAT can help you. To Download a FREE TAT Session Visit My Website http://www.catallergyfree.com
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