How to hang on to cats absent from the Christmas tree?I have three cats that are about 18 months old. Much as I’d similar to to put up an artificial tree this year I’m very leery about it because I’m sure they will be constantly playing near it and the ornaments. Does anyone… How long does it bring a cat’s eye color to return to regular after an eye infection?Last week my five month old kitten got spayed and within a few days she developed an eye infection, probably because she wasn’t blinking while beneath anesthetic.Her eyes were squinted shut and filled with pus and goop to the point where on earth she couldn’t even open… How long does it generally embezzle to retrain a cat to use the litter?We had a friend move into our house after his divorce for awhile. When he moved in he took over the cats bathroom (and we moved their litter boxes) but this caused our cats to hike to the door and when they found it closed they… How long does it help yourself to for frontline top spot for cats, to completely destroy adjectives the fleas on my cat?i just applied the first application today… i wonder if he’s still itchy and borthered by these little bastards…fleas suck~! How long does it help yourself to to cats to mate?I recently found a stray female cat, who I am caring for until she can be adopt. I also have boy cat, Moe, who is to be, but not yet neutered. He have apparently been trying to talk the female into doing the dirty, but she hasn’t… How long does it lug for cats to bequeath birth?I need to know how long it takes and when the kittens are born if she dosent want 1 or them what do i nurture them? ! How long does it pilfer for a cat to grant birth?My neighbor’s cat gave birth to 1 kitten last night around 8pm. Then the moment one came around 10am and after a short while the third. its almost 5pm here and she still looks pregnant! Do you think near are more on the way and is this… How long does it run for anesthesia to wear rotten on a cat?my cat was spayed today and it was at 9:00 and we have picked her up at 3:00 and she now is still dizzy from the anesthesia and she cant do anything, walk, stand, eat, or drink we literally have to pour a spoon of water down… How long does my cat own vanished?My cat Starbucks is about 14 or 15 years old and I’m getting worried that she doesn’t have much longer. She’s really grumpy adjectives the time and sometimes I think that when I pick her up she’s in pain because she other meows at me. … Is it true that you cant mix dry food together for your cat?I was at my local pet warehouse and the guy working there told me that I should mix the dry food I give to my kitten. I ws giving him science diet mixed beside advance and he seems to eat it but not adjectives of it.I feed… Is it typical for a cat to approaching playing in/with hose down?My new cat comes running when you turn on a faucet! gets in the shower beside me! is this a crazy cat or what? I’ve never heard of cats liking water and wondered whether any of you have heard of such a thing?(she’s an American… Is it typical for eight-week mature kittens to be really hush?We got two new lovely kittens today… two months after my beloved Puss died. Ever since they’ve be here, I’ve only heard each of them mieow just about once or twice.Is that normal? Is it typical for my cat to be doing this?Whenever I sit down she will jump up on my lap and lick my face A LOT and she meows loudly while doing this. And whenever I take up she will attack my butt. Lol is she trying to be a dog or something?She is about 4… Is it typical to lick your cat as whether you be grooming her because it feel protective?I got a pet kitten a few weeks ago. I’ve grown very close to her. I sometimes even feel as whether she’s my child. I was wondering if it is normal to want to lick her as whether I am grooming her. My cousin feels she wants… Two cats, One house, paw of fury. How to produce them approaching respectively other?My girl-friend and I have moved in together, Each of us have a cat, hers is spaded and front claws removed, she is also afraid of allot of things. while my cat is not spaded and have claws, she is also as a social cat…. Two kittens have a turf warfare.When will they stop.?I will bring her back to the other kittens house in like 1 week. Will they spar again. Two masculine kittens – suddenly turned blood thirsty for respectively other ?Well,I have two male kittens nearly 4months old, brought-up together and are brothers.. (Non-neutered and are indoor cats)Now, they be always together and were infact licking each other yesterday morning..At dark I steped out of the house for a few hours and when I returned they both… Two of my kittens are sick!! please abet?They were taking from there mother to early.They are a moment or two older but both have bald spots on at hand head(were the fur is missing, the area, is very soft,and flaky) They hold been snezzing, and one of them is puking most of his… More Cats and Pets Q&A Please visit :


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