I have a schnauzer I am trying to housetrain and I would like some advice on the best way to do it. Has anyone used clicker training to house break your dog and how did you do it?


  1. Danah Reed

    I have been using a house training manual to train my crossbreed puppy with some excellent results. After a stressful start I can now be sure to have the dog friend I always wanted!

  2. Luna

    I’ve never used clicker training, but I do use crate training. Take the puppy outside often – at least once an hour, to the spot you want her to go. If she goes, praise her a lot. In the crate she’ll learn to hold her bladder. If she cries take her out and again praise her if she goes. If she goes in the house, show it to her (don’t stick her nose in it just point to it) and say “no” in a firm voice – then immediately take her outside to the spot you want her to go and pet her. She’ll get it in time, trust me.

  3. reservatol

    I’ve never heard of clicker training for housebreaking. I usually see it being used for learning tricks. It just startles my dog, so I don’t use it anymore. I use treats.
    Crates are good for housebreaking because dogs don’t usually like to go pee or poo where they sleep.

  4. MamaCoug

    Sorry, I used a crate. If you are home with him just keep taking him out every hour, especially right when he wakes up, after playing, after eating or drinking. When he does go have a treat ready to give him immediately and praise, praise, praise!!!

  5. staplu

    Crate training is the best for house breaking. Clicker training is mostly for tricks and commands.

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