Once you watch a few episodes, they all start doing the same thing. The same tricks and tips are used.
If this is the case, why can’t people train their own dogs before they get this bad?


  1. APBT Gurl

    The problem with all of the dog training shows on air is that the trainers are usually novice (less than 9 years under their belt), and are “made for tv”. Typically, an experienced dog trainer will not use the same techniques on every dog because every dog’s problem is different.
    Dog training shows are also simply entertainment, and should not be used to train your own dog, especially for aggression issues. If you have any sort of behavioral issues with your dog, you should consult LIVE with a trainer in your area. No book, tv show, or online consultation can be used to correctly train your dog in the way that’s best for him/her.

  2. RuthAnn

    Because so many people do not do their “homework” before bringing a dog home in the first place. There are many many good training books out there, but people are too lazy to read and apply the lessons to their canine friends.

  3. Iggy's Stompin Rompin Gang

    Actually the trainers are different and the dogs are the same, ruined by the owners and almost makes it impossible to tell if a real trainer is doing the right thing or not.

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