I have a fan blowing cool air into my house at night and notice what I think are fleas flying that come thru the screen, and we seem to get little pricks now and then but I never see a flea there on my skin.


  1. H S

    Fleas don’t fly, only jump and bite.
    There a flies so small you can’t even see them – In Alaska they are called No-see-ems.
    Get a better mosquito net and maybe use flying insect spray into the room.

  2. Roderick

    Where do you live? In Scotland this is normal, midgies or mosquitos, absolute nightmare in the west of Scotland in summer months, when the weather is wet and humid. Apparently Avon Skin So Softly is the only cure if you are planning to go travelling or camping in the north west of Scotland at this time of year. Otherwise be prepared to be bitten to death! Don’t think it is fleas, but really depends on where you are.

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