I got this maltese/shitzu about 2 months ago. I already had 3 female dogs before him. He wants to pee everywhere. I think he was housebroke before I got him, he was used solely as a breeder. He seems to pee on everything. I know males mark their territory, but dang this is just crazy. I didnt know if I would have to get him fixed to make him stop, or if a non-fixed male can be potty trained or not?


  1. jukette

    I think you are in for a challenge with this dog! He can smell the previous females all over your house, also the fact he was used for breeding before you got him means he knows from experience how to claim his ‘territory’ for various reasons. As an experienced breeding dog i don’t think neutering will help too much, but you never know. It is worth getting him done anyway because it can’t make him any worse! It may help a little bit as he is marking his scent due to hormones so….


    NO! You don’t have to fix the big boy It won’t make any diff, Hes marking his turf and this could be bad and probably take alot of work to stop.
    If you have carpet the smell is still in it should shampoo good and take dog out as soon as he wakes up from naps and first thing in the mornings, NO time to waste, since dogs need to go as bad as we do.
    maybe YOU SHOULD PUT ON CHAIN (Hate this but some times it;s the only way) just for awhile.
    Take alot of time with him walk some where he has not been this should help him potty and maybe he will be empty when you get him home ??????????????
    good luck!!!!!!!!!

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