I adopted an adult cat. My brother has two cats and said that even though they are indoors, they can still get fleas so he uses Advantage. I don’t have a dog or any other pets, is it true that I need to still treat him just in case?


  1. Stephanie F

    My vet told me I did not need to treat my cat since he is an indoor cat. I had another indoor cat at one time and I never treated her and she did not have them. I had her for over 12 years. You can ask your vet, but if your cat is not going outside, I wouldn’t subject my cat to anything that has any poison on it. My cat has an immune problem anyway.

  2. lisadivi

    Yes as sometimes we bring fleas into the house obn our shoes and clothing,,so yes I would still use the advantage it’s cheap and really works

  3. blondie1

    I have several cats that are indoor only. I treat my dogs for fleas because they go outside, but not the cats. I have never had any problem with the cats. But, if you allow your cat to go outside at all, he will need treated also.

  4. Kiki

    Its true. I think its best to do every 3 mths just in case.
    Visitors can bring fleas home and even you can when we go out side.

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