My dog is pretty rough. He always jumps on me and he nips alot. Do you have any tips or websites i can find tips at! Thanks in advance!


  1. jpturbop

    The answer to ALL dog training issues is obedience training. Obedience classes are available through local kennel clubs. They have two additional benefits. First, they will introduce you to people in the community who can help you with all issues regarding puppy care, and second, they provide you and your dog with great opportunities for socialization and new friends. If you have never taken a dog to obedience training,,you have no idea what you are missing. You and your dog will be much happeir for it, and you can be very proud of your dog when he gets his canine good citizen award. There is no better way to solve the problems you are having!

  2. Kacey♣

    What are you trying to teach your dog to do? Email me with your training skills you want to teach. As for him jumping tell him to “Get down!” Push him down and hold his back to make sure he stays, and when he does reward him with treats or affection. Also say “Good boy.”=D

  3. Currie

    Google it, and you’ll get more information than you could ever need. Also, if he jumps on you and nips you that’s a problem you need to address right away.

  4. babyphat

    I have an American Pitbull Terrier and my boyfriend and I trained him by ourselves.When he was a little puppy, he liked to jump on people to greet them. Hes now 1 1/2 and will sit, stay, get down and lay on command. The key, is to be consistant!! You also have to be firm and really patient. For consistancy, when you start to train him to do something, keep at it and don’t try to teach him too many things at once because he will get confused. Be firm with him, let him know that you are serious and your not trying to play with him. And it can take a while for him to catch on to something, so be very patient and dont get mad because they can sense when your mad. Another big thing, is ALWAYS reward him AND praise him. If u only give him a treat when he does something, he’s going to expect a treat everytime he sits or lays. With my pitbull, he praised him and gave him treats but after awhile, he just praised him and he loves it. Just clap, pet him, gie him hugs and let him know he was a good boy!!.
    Its alot of work but its very rewarding int the end.
    And how old is your dog and what kind of dog is it??
    -I hope that helped and Good Luck. If u have any more questions, feel free to message me.

  5. Dani

    ok always keep your dog on a leash and if he jumps,bites, barks, or anything thats not ok give him a correction by pulling on his leash or if this is not what u want to do sign up for a dof training class.

  6. Anonymous……
    Your dog jumps on you to greet you and invite you to play. As another person wrote, raising your knee is a good way to discourage your dog jumping on you. Another technique is to acknowledge him with an ear-scratch but at the same time, step on his back paw. The pressure of your foot on his paw will make him get down — promise. How hard you should press depends on your dog’s size. You don’t want to harm him…but obviously a large dog will probably ignore a “little tap”.

  7. Sydney

    All my 3 dogs when they were young they would always get excited and jump on me too. I found that this technique has never failed me. When you know your dog is about to jump on you, just raise your knee. Stay calm too..any type of excitement, the dog is going to think it’s a game. Your not really kneeing the dog, and your not pushing your leg into the dog. But when the dog jumps and you block the dog with your knee, the dog will fall back. After a few times..the dog is not going to like making itself fall so they stay on the ground. Try’s worked for me.

  8. jjtrue

    You need to be the alpha or top dog in your house and teach you dog what you feel is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The knee thing works to stop the jump, the key is to do it at the right time. When you notice him shifting his weight to his hind legs to begin lifting his front legs off the ground put your knee into his chest and say no. Be consistent do this everytime he starts to do it. Another thing that works is to have a friend help you. With your dog on leash walk in the door when the dog goes to jump on you use the knee and have your friend use the leash at the same time to ensure he doesn’t raise up say no then give the command to sit do not give your dog any attention until he sits. This teaches your dog that he needs to sit in order to get attention and love makes for a much easier time walking in the door, instead of being knocked all over the place.
    As for the nipping, you need to stop this right away. If you are afraid of your dog at all, you should contact a trainer or behaviorist. If you feel comfortable working with your dog then any time he nips you say no in a very deep firm voice put your hand on the back of his head and his shoulder and put him down on his side with his belly exposed. Once he stops squirming let him go and walk away. By doing this you are mimicking pack behavior, when a subordinate dog does something the alpha dog doesn’t like the alpha will knock the subordinate down to remind him that he’s the boss. Lying on the side with belly exposed is a submissive position, so when you are the one who puts the dog in that position you are showing your dominance. Again, if you are at all uncomfortable or afraid to do this then don’t contact a professional.

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