I often find myself trying not to comfort my sister when she is crying thinking,”Oh, well dogs don’t understand the meaning of the word comfort! They’ll think your praising them!”
But sometimes it works out for the better. Like if she is crying and she is just trying to get her way, I keep my patience and stay firm the same as I would with a dog that was whining for attention.


  1. Sassy Shibas- sea kittens = yum!

    Ha…my boyfriend and I had an argument about a month ago. He wasn’t listening to me, he has a lot of trust issues (that I have no idea where they came from, and I’ve never given him a reason not to trust me) and I was having to be really careful about who I could and couldn’t bring around because I had figured out what his “triggers” were. I got so tired of it that I eventually tried tough love and said, “You know what? I have to treat you and Belle (my fearful/shy/sometimes aggressive hound mix) the same way, and you’re human! You have rational thought; learn to use it.” Because I realized I really was using the same techniques for both of them. He may not have liked hearing it, but we haven’t argues since and he’s become much more open and trusting. So…guess it worked?
    Also, every once in a while, if someone is doing something I want them to stop doing, in frustration an “Eh!” will come out of my mouth…the noise I make to correct my dogs. The people that KNOW I use it to correct my dogs don’t think it’s as funny as I do when I realize it – it genuinely is an instinct! – but the people who don’t see me with my dogs just think I’m weird…ha.

  2. Maltese Lover

    Haha, is this what you meant in Courtneys question about having an idea? Good question! 🙂
    Anyways, I think sometimes I do, but I don’t necissarily use “training techniques” on purpose. I think its sort of natural to everyone. When my fiance does something I don’t agree with, I tell him so. But, if he does something I really appreciate, I make a huge deal out of it. I try to appreciate him more than correct him. Now he’s the most polite guy in the world. Never forgets to open a door, pulls out my chair for me. He’s pretty awesome 🙂

  3. animal_a

    Operant reward conditioning works equally well for humans as it does for dogs.
    My children became better and better behaved the more I used my dog training techniques on them (they’re 23 and 19 years old now).
    My boss responds well to being praised when he gets things right.
    My partner likes being told how wonderful he is for remembering things, he remembers things MUCH better when he has received praise for it rather than being nagged to remember.
    All it takes is being consistant.

  4. Single Worker 1230

    Yes, I do. I find that dog training and people training are quite similar. In the dog classes that I teach, I have found that the parents with the nicest children also have the nicest dogs. Good Dog training techniques are based on fairness and consistency. Teaching is also based on fairness and consistency. Both also require patience in order to be successful.

  5. keackae2

    Haha, yes all the time! I’m used to being around my dogs so much that it just slips in. Whenever someone wanders off and I want to call them back to me, I find myself clicking my tounge or whilsting at them! I sometimes have to check myself when dealing with people and say “Oh, this isn’t a dog!”
    I wanted my boyfriend to do someone one time, and I was thinking that I could shape him (with a clicker) to do it. XD I spend too much time around dogs.

  6. Protector of Wolves

    If my brother is doing something wrong, I tend to use dog whisperer techiniques on him. Also, when we are play fighting, I flip him over on his back and sit on him 2 make him submit. It’s really funny, because I’m not consciously doing it, it’s just out of habit from training like three dogs. 🙂

  7. Wordpress Yahoo Answers Autoposter Plugin

    Yes, actually I have on both my husband and my kids. My husband told me once he isn’t a dog in the true sense of the word, so quit trying to train him. I ignored it and still do it. I caught myself the other day patting my 4 yr old on the head and saying “good girl” when I told her to sit and she did. When I realized what I was doing I busted out laughing. She was so confused.

  8. Need Answers? Psychic Readings by Phone

    I find that my dog-training techniques help me when dealing with children. With dog training you must be consistent, and this is important with kids as well. I have a friend that jokes that I am better with her kids than she is because of my dog training experience.

  9. Stephanie G

    Yes! I’m a kindergarten teacher and I have a 12 week old Yorkie puppy. About 2 weeks ago on instinct I clapped my hands and said “Ahh-Ahh” to one of my students that started playing with another teacher’s personal computer. I instantly felt embarrassed.. the funny thing is that it worked.. he stopped immediately.

  10. Shanna

    Yep, I find myself growling at my nieces and nephews all the time! I growl at my dogs when they are about to do something naughty because it really gets their attention quickly so my poor nieces and nephews have to tolerate being growled at by their crazy aunt!

  11. Luv my Dogs

    You mean it’s unique to do that?
    I’ve always used obedience training on my fellow humans.
    My father-in-law joked on my wedding day how great it was that his son finally found someone who knew how to work with him.

  12. Pat C

    I’ve caught myself training a cow as if she were a horse, but I can’t say as I’ve ever used dog training techniques on humans. Well… perhaps small children, when their parents weren’t looking. “BAD. Now, STAY.” etc…

  13. LEAVING FOR GOOD puppy breath.

    Well i am used to dogs.so my cousin brang over her son who is 2 and i find myself telling him to sit,stay and come here.its funny though i try to stop myself hehe…

  14. pug.madn

    ahahaha i soo know what you you mean, i also use horse commands at humans too, im quite often asking people to whoa or walk on or stand up, (my dogs do these commands soo well)

  15. ~*Linz*~ loves her Kalli

    Lol I’ve told my boyfriend “ah-ah!” twice now when he was going to do something I didn’t want him to. He didn’t think it was very funny..

  16. Jess

    Not that I’m aware of,but when I get mad at my boyfriend or he does something wrong instead of his name I yell my dog,Loki’s name haha. Maybe because they are both trouble making boys?

  17. Kaetlyn

    At work I’ve developed this obnoxious habbit of clapping to get the dogs’ attention when there is someone at the door to try and get them away from it.
    *clap clap* “hey guys! whatcha’ doin!” *clap clap*
    Oddly enough, I find myself clapping at people now.
    A few friends and I were trying to find this one restraunt. My one friend and i were in her car behind another car of friends. They were about to pass up a road we wanted to turn down, so of course my friend and I in the car behind them, both start clapping imediatly and yelling “hey guys! no no!!!” (she works with me at the daycare).
    One time my neighbor was trying to fix the table on her patio and was about to topple it over and I found myself clapping at her.
    I do this ALL THE TIME. Ohhhh god it is just soooo embarassing. It’s not necessarily a ‘training technique’ but it’s a habit i’ve picked up via working with dogs, haha.
    Another one would be “stay”
    I’ll be driving and I will see someone trying to pull out of a street in front of me when they clearly don’t have enough time to do it without running into me, so I find myself saying “STAY”.
    Or I’ll be sitting around talking to someone and the phone will ring and I will jump up to get it and absentmindedly say ‘stay’ to the person i was with.
    I’m telling you, this stuff is most embarassing!
    I’ve also answered my house phone numerous times saying
    “Inn the Doghouse this is Kaetlyn”
    hahaha. Anyone who calls the house after I get home from work gets a kick out of that one. I seriously don’t mean to do it.

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